All Pipes Considered: Interview with Brian Levine

Welcome back to another episode of All Pipes Considered. We're doing things a little different today: Rather than discussing a specific range of pipes, I'm joined by special guest Brian Levine to discuss the upcoming Las Vegas International Pipe Show, formerly the West Coast Pipe Show, which will be held from October 21st to October 23rd at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tune in as Brian and I discuss the history of this very important event, and explain what you can expect at this year's show.

Note: The following transcription has been edited for clarity and brevity.

[Shane Ireland]: Welcome to another episode of All Pipes Considered, everyone. We are filming remotely today, and I have a very special guest with me: a man who needs no introduction in this community, Brian Levine. Brian, thank you for joining us.

[Brian Levine]: Thanks, Shane. This is fun. I wish we were sitting side-by-side in those comfy chairs that you have, but here I am in my house. Actually, here's an inside view of the Pipes Magazine Radio Show studio, so. See, there's my microphone.

[SI]: Yeah. Funnily enough, we're not that far, geographically, from each other at the moment. I guess we could have done this close quarters and cozy, but hey, what are you gonna do? So before we get into the meat of this discussion, for anyone who may not know, Brian is a veteran of both the pipe community and the pipe industry. Do you want to tell us a little bit about your history smoking pipes and your involvement in the industry? Just so we know what you bring to the table, I guess.

[BL]: Yeah, real quickly, I started off working for Alfred Dunhill for the retail side, then went to work for Holko Roar, which imported, at that time, Peter Stokkebye pipe tobaccos as well as Jobey, GBD, Comoy's, Nording, and a little pipe brand called Peterson. And then from there, I went to work directly for Peter Stokkebye for six years, then I worked for the trade association, PCA. Then after that, I worked for a little company called, back when it was all in one building.

[SI]: That's right. The building that I'm in currently, too. I may be sitting in your old office right now, actually.

[BL]: Oh, well, I apologize for the odor. Then from there, I was the Brigham Pipes guy for a couple of years, and then went to work for Mac Baren and Sutliff. And for the last 10 years, I've been hosting and producing The Pipes Magazine Radio Show's podcast. And until Sykes received his Doctor of Pipes, I was the youngest living Doctor of Pipes. And now I'm not, thanks to Sykes. I am so happy.

[SI]: Thanks to Sykes. Yeah. Good. I'm sure that was the highlight of him getting that award. That recognition was to bump you from the youngest slot.

[BL]: Yep. After that, they wouldn't put a high chair at my table at the meeting, and they wouldn't tease me about still having hair or my eyesight.

[SI]: Right, right. Oh, that's good. So that is a long time, with a lot of different jobs and many hats worn in this industry, in this community. You're also an avid collector and an enthusiast of course. But what brings us together today, is something that I am selfishly very excited about. We are here to talk about the Las Vegas International Pipe Show.

[BL]: Formerly known as the West Coast Pipe Show, the Las Vegas International Pipe Show was started, at least its current iteration, by Marty Pulvers and Steve O'Neill in November of 2009. Marty was the figurehead and the public face of it, but Steve O'Neill did a fantastic job of growing and cultivating a pipe show that was really reminiscent of the old days of pipe shows, where everybody was at the same hotel, and everybody was hanging out all day and all night with each other, and it just became my favorite pipe show of the year.

[SI]: You know, I've said it before elsewhere, but the 2010 West Coast Pipe Show was the first pipe show that I ever attended. I had been smoking pipes for a while and collecting. I'd been involved in the San Diego Pipe Club, alongside the former president, the late Chip Kushner, and I was close friends with Jeff Gracik. And they convinced me to drive up to Vegas with them in 2010, to attend the West Coast Show for the first time. And I basically never missed the show again. And as much as I've enjoyed my time in Chicago, and my time in different pipe shows all over the world, the Vegas show always held a really special place for me. There was something about the energy of that city, specifically, and the people that it drew, that just made it a blast.

I mean, pipe shows are always the kind of thing where we all gather for this one specific hobby that we're all interested in, but we are all from different backgrounds. Despite those differences, we all have this shared interest, and we have dinners and just hang out smoking; it's such a great environment. For anyone who's never been to a show, you really owe it to yourself to get to any show that you can attend, especially if it's close to you. But let's talk specifically about what The Las Vegas International Pipe Show looks like going forward.

[BL]: So yeah, we changed the name of it from the West Coast Pipe Show to the L.V.I.P.S., because we liked that it had "VIPs" in it. And we didn't wanna hide the fact that it's in Las Vegas, which is a world class destination. It's easy to get to from any airport in the United States, and globally as well. Even from Asia, there are direct flights to Las Vegas, and from Europe there are direct flights to Vegas. And when I found out that it didn't look like Steve and Marty were interested in continuing the show, I reached out to them, along with my partner Dave Peterson, who started attending pipe shows in the mid-90s. We reached out to them and said, "We'd be interested in taking it over, but we want to change the name, and do a few things differently, if that's okay with you. We want your blessing before we go forward with your baby."

And so we did that and we got their blessing. Then at the Chicago Pipe Show this past May, I signed the contract with the Palace Station hotel for the meeting room, all the space, and everything. So that's where we are. The show will begin on October 20th, although the main event runs from October 21st through October 23rd. I think the biggest thing I'd like for people to know about it is that it's a completely welcoming environment. So just like I've said on the podcast for all these years, I don't care if you smoke an Aromatic in a well-used corn cob or are Bo Nordh'n 40-year-old, vintage Virginias. If you're a pipe smoker, you're a friend of mine and you're welcome. And you can expect the same thing at The Las Vegas International Pipe Show.

In fact, we built it with this philosophy in mind. We developed a website, which is really more like a blog site because it's really kind of ugly but functional, but we created the site so people who are attending the show could get as much information in advance as possible. So, as tables are being paid and committed for, I'm putting those people up on the website as exhibitors. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time, where a pipe show has ever pre-published the exhibitors list. And once we get the show floor laid out, and get the tables all assigned, that will go up on the website as a PDF, so folks can start studying and seeing where their favorite people will be. Shane Ireland will be near electricity or a bathroom, one or the other.

[SI]: In the bathroom, if you must. I'll still go to the show.

[BL]: I actually saw a pipe trade happen in the bathroom of that hotel. Two guys ran into each other, and consummated a trade right there in the bathroom, so.

[SI]: That's so good. I believe it, too.

[BL]: So right now we are still taking reservations for tables. So whether you're a pipe maker or an exhibitor, we'd love you to have a table with us. Also, we're doing something a little different with the tables. We are requiring every exhibitor to decorate and do some sort of a display on the table, from show opening on Saturday morning until noon on Sunday. So that could mean just a separate tablecloth and a sign that says your name, but we want everybody to have some sort of a displayed table.

The admission to the show is $40, and that gets you into the smoking lounge, on the second floor, from 5:00 p.m. to midnight on Friday. It also gets you into the show and the smoking lounge. The show hours are 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday — the smoking lounge will stay open until midnight on Saturday — and then from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Sunday. The admission also comes with a drink ticket for the cash bar located in the smoking lounge. With this ticket, you can either get one alcoholic drink or you can get two non-alcoholic drinks.

I haven't told anybody really any specifics about this, but for admission to the show, you won't receive a little ticket or anything; instead, everybody will be receiving a button similar to the one I developed for The Pipes Magazine Radio Show. And it'll be dated, and that will be your admission to the show. So you get to keep that. Also, everybody coming in is gonna get a free Las Vegas International Pipe Show commemorative "gift," and I'm not telling people what it is yet. The Virtual Pipe Club has donated two different multi-pipe sets, and if you pay your registration online for the show prior to September 21st, you'll receive a raffle ticket for the drawing and have a chance to win those two pipe sets. Both sets are artisanal, handmade pipes. So that's the basics of the admission, which I know most of you are gonna be interested in. Room hopping is another thing that we are vigorously bringing back, because the hotel was kind enough to allow us to block out 20 rooms on the 14th floor, which is where all the smoking rooms are.

[SI]: That's one of the most amazing details of this particular show, and why Vegas is a great city for pipe folks to gather.

[BL]: So Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night, and the hours depend on who is renting that room, but Shane Ireland maybe has a room up there.

[SI]: Of course.

[BL]: So you can go up to the 14th floor, where there will be at any given time 12-14 different rooms open for you to just come in. Maybe look at some pipes, hang out, have a drink with people, sit and smoke. I mean, you and I both remember the smoke-filled hotel rooms of Pheasant Run, in the past. You had to crawl on the floor to get below the cloud. But God, those were fun.

[SI]: Yeah. Oh, it was the best. And I mean that's that thing: With a lot of these other shows that have either kept going all these years or have popped up in the last handful of years, many of them have patio areas or tents, and that stuff is great. It still gives you the same camaraderie, and the same chance for everybody to sit together and share their tobaccos and their stories. But there is something about a floor of rooms in a nice hotel where we can all smoke our pipes, have a drink, and be comfortable. You know what I mean? That's a whole different vibe. It's a whole different vibe

[BL]: No, if you think Shane is funny now, you ought to see him at 3 o'clock in the morning.

[SI]: Oh yeah, the more delirious, I think, maybe the more charming.

[BL]: Yeah.

[SI]: That's true for you, too, though. No, I wanted to interject real quick, and just talk about smoking on the show floor, because that's another element that is more or less nonexistent at most of the other pipe shows anymore.

[BL]: Yeah, so we've got a total of 12,000 square feet that we're renting at the Palace Station. And once you come up to the second floor, you'll see the registration table through the glass doors. Once you're in there, you're free to smoke. Walking the show, going to the lounge, going into the smoking lounge. We have a Saturday night awards dinner, which will be a buffet and will cost 60 bucks each. I'll explain the banquet side of that again later, because that's part of the evilness of hotels, but you'll be able to smoke your pipe while eating a salad at this dinner. I forget what we're having, but I'm sure there are some vegetables.

Palace Station Night Entrance

Palace Station Night Entrance — Courtesy Of The Las Vegas International Pipe Show

[SI]: Let's just say it's lasagna.

[BL]: No it wasn't. And if anybody complains about the food, it was my wife and Dave's wife that picked out the food for the Saturday night dinner. So I dare you to complain. Go ahead.

[SI]: Oh, I'm sure they did a good job. We trust them.

[BL]: That will be the YouTube video. Guy gets smacked down by Pipe Show organizers' wives.

[SI]: Yeah, exactly. But see, that's amazing. I mean, it's so nice to be able to smoke freely, especially when you're on the show floor all day. You have all these lovely tobaccos, and everybody's passing around to aged tins, trying to share stuff. And it is so nice to be able to smoke. Can we talk about the lounge a little bit, too?

[SI]: Yeah, sure. So in the lounge on Friday night, starting at five o'clock and going til I guess seven officially, we're offering what we're calling a collector's showcase. So we're putting some eight foot long tables along a wall in there for you to come, and just set up your pipes as your collection and show it. I'm considering bringing a dozen or two of my Satous and just putting them out there for display. The Charatan Collector's Club will have their little annual meeting there. So make sure to stop by the smoking lounge from five to seven on Friday, bring your favorite pipes and let people see your favorite pieces.

[SI]: Yeah. Oh man. I might have to do that myself.

[BL]: No, you'll be in your hospitality suite, opening the bottles, and getting everybody ready to come room hopping with you.

[SI]: Yeah, but I've got enough pipes that I can put some on the table, and have a few to smoke in the room.

[BL]: Other than that, the smoking lounge is just some round tables and chairs. It's 2,000 square feet, and you're free to come and go as you want. It's just a couple of double doors right off the show floor. There will be a cash bar in there and that's where you can use your drink ticket. Even new exhibitors are getting one drink ticket each. We wanna make sure you're hydrated, however you decide to hydrate. And that will be open from 5:00 p.m. to midnight on Friday, 10:00 a.m. to midnight on Saturday, and 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, and then we're gonna start throwing people out 'cause we've gotta be cleared outta the room by 5:00 p.m. on Sunday. If you wanna meet up with some friends, that's the perfect place to meet up with some friends. If you're coming by yourself, and you see some people that are sitting at a table in the smoking lounge, just sit down and introduce yourself.

[SI]: Oh absolutely. That is really the best part about pipe shows in general. Going back to my first show experience, yes, I did know a couple of people that I went to the show with, but we pretty much instantly split up, and I found myself striking up conversations with loads of people. One of the first people that I spoke to at that pipe show was actually Peter Heeschen. I was smoking a Peter Heeschen pipe, and I saw him sitting there, and I was like, "Oh my God, this is crazy. I guess I'll talk to him." And I did, and it was great. You make friends fast at these things for sure.

[BL]: Boy, I miss Uncle Peter.

[SI]: Oh, me too, big time.

[BL]: I used to kiss him on his bald forehead. So again, on the website there's information about everything. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the hotel has sold out. We oversold the hotel. We oversold our room block by 30% from the last show. I've got suggestions of places that you can stay nearby. If you're coming with your spouse or family or others, you stay on the strip, take an Uber or Lyft to the Palace Station, and go back and forth. Should be 10, 12 bucks depending on the time of day. On the website, I've even got an FAQ with some tips and tricks about going to Vegas, and I listed some of my favorite restaurants and stuff.

One of my favorite suggestions to people in Vegas is to stay hydrated. And if you have a room at the Palace Station, there's a 7/11 right in the front corner of the parking lot there. Go over to 7/11, walk in there, buy a case of bottled water, buy your favorite beer or wine, or whatever you want for your room, and carry it back, and then you're saving a bunch of money.

[SI]: Sure. I will say, though, that one of my favorite things about the Palace Station has always been the selection of restaurants that are in the hotel. There are some very good food options in the hotel itself. One of which is sort of world famous, and it's even kind of a little humorous that it happens to be such a popular place. The Palace Station has been around for a long time, and it's sort of on the far end of the strip. It's not exactly in the more newly developed, bougier part of the strip. But they have the Oyster Bar — go Google this if you have never heard of it. There has been lots and lots of coverage of this restaurant from famous food bloggers, and other chefs who go out of their way to come to the Palace Station, just to eat gumbo and chowder.

[BL]: And stand in a ridiculously long line waiting for it sometimes, yeah.

[SI]: So I have two brief anecdotes about The Oyster Bar. And this is something that you guys have to experience yourself, if you come to the show. One time, before I worked for Smokingpipes, when I was attending the show as a collector, Adam Davidson and his wife were at the show. They were there with her family, and we decided one night around midnight or so, to go stand in line at The Oyster Bar. And you can go and look at this line, and it looks like it's maybe not that long, but the thing is, there are like 12 seats at this restaurant, and it's in the middle of the casino floor. So we stood there for about two hours before his wife said, "I'm going to bed. This isn't worth it." And Adam turned to me and was like, "Are you willing to still stand here with me and do this?" And I said, "Yeah, of course I don't need this sleep. It's a pipe show." So we stayed until we finally got seated, around three in the morning, and we just pigged out on this amazing gumbo and chowder. So I've been doing this for years now. In fact, even though it's like this spicy gumbo and rice, we typically do it for breakfast, because at 8:00 AM, the line is significantly less ridiculous than it is at any other time of the day. But they're also open 24 hours.

[BL]: So if you're coming in on Thursday or Friday, try Thursday at two o'clock in the afternoon or Friday at 10:00 am..

[SI]: Yes. You might only have to wait 40 minutes. So in 2019 before the pandemic, my wife came with me to the show, and she had plenty of time during the day to go to the pool and relax. She would take a cab and go shopping during the show hours, and then hang out with us in the smoking lounge in the evenings. But one of those days she said, "You know what? I'm gonna go try this Oyster Bar that everybody won't shut up about." So she goes down there and she waits in line. And I will tell you right now that, under normal circumstances, even for the best food she's ever had, my wife is not the type to just wait in line for three hours for anything. So I warned her. Later that afternoon, a couple of us asked her if she went to the Oyster Bar, and she was like, "Oh yeah." I asked, "How long did you wait?" And she said, "Ah, it was about two and a half hours." And we were like, "Was it worth it?" And she was like, "Oh, amazing. Would go stand in line again right now." That's how good this place is. But also, there's a steakhouse that's right around the corner from the Oyster Bar. Do you remember the name of that, Brian?

[BL]: The Charcoal Room.

[SI]: The Charcoal Room is great. There's a noodle place in there that's great also, and there's a burger and beer place that just opened in the last five or six years, and it's really awesome. Just tons of stuff. Obviously there's a whole casino floor, and it's just a really cool place.

[BL]: And, listen, I'll throw in my other favorite place, that's a seven minute walk from the hotel: In-N-Out Burger. And October is a great time of the year to be in Vegas, because it's not too hot, and not too cold, so if you don't want to wait in line, you can put your friends in line at the Oyster Bar, go walk over to the In-N-Out Burger, eat, come back and eat some more.

[SI]: Amazing. Yeah. So back to the pipe show bits here. I'm also curious, Brian, if you have just a quick overview or a quick pitch for those out there who have not yet attended a pipe show? What is the reason why we all love this? What are we doing there? What is this about?

[BL]: So the huge benefits to going to a pipe show are: You get to meet and talk to other pipe smokers, and you get to see the tobaccos that they like. Anytime I go to a pipe show, I've always got a couple of tins of my secret favorite, Acadian Ribbon. You want a bowl of it, no big deal. So you get to try stuff. Also, if you got a standard brick-and-mortar in your area, then you've seen some of the standard offerings of pipes. But maybe, you've been interested in a certain brand or pipe maker, and you've never had a chance to touch their work and feel it; well, at a pipe show, you get to actually walk up and see the pipes.

I always suggest asking before touching, you know. Shane, may bring a few Ivarsson branded pipes, and you get a chance to see them, and feel them and touch them. You get a chance to experience them. So it's not all about bringing money and doing commerce right there. It's about gaining knowledge and experience for your future purchases. It's about understanding how a pipe feels in your hand before you buy it.

[SI]: And in a lot of cases, actually talking to the artisan and being able to understand what they were thinking, and what they were going for, is really insightful. I mean, you see these pictures on the website and you say, wow, that's beautiful. Or that looks like it's the right size for me, etc. But it's totally different to be able to pick up and hold these guys' pipes, and to actually meet them and understand who they are as a brand, who they are as an artisan. But yeah, please continue.

[BL]: It's a chance to talk to Adam Davidson about what he was thinking when he made this pipe or what or that. Or Jeff Gracik from J. Alan will be there. There is just so much knowledge to be gained in the 20-some-odd hours of being around other pipe smokers. If I'm sitting at a table and I'm smoking one of my pipes, I'm happy to hand it over to you if you want to see it. It may be full of ash, and there may be some spittle on there, but hey, that's how we learn. And it's a way to meet other pipe smokers. I know we haven't talked about it yet, but we're emphasizing the social media aspect of it. And at one point, one of my taglines was The Pipe Smoking Social Gathering of The Year. We've got at this point right now, I think 29 different YouTube presenters who will be there, as well as four different podcasters. We'll be doing some stuff live on the show floor, from a couple of tables that we've set aside for the social media folks, including Shane. And Shane, you're doing your Mystery Tobacco Reviews right there on the show floor, right?

[SI]: I was just gonna say, we need to talk about that here in a minute.

[BL]: Yeah. You know, earlier, you talked about our friend Chip. At one New Orleans pipe show, Chip and I randomly ran into each other walking in the French Quarter, and still to this day, I remember sitting at the bar with him: We found a place where we could sit and have drinks together, and have a smoke outside, and it's one of my favorite memories. And then a couple of years later, Chip and I actually traded Satous with each other, and I will never let go of the one that I got from him. So, you know, it's all about those memories that you get. It's running up to Peter Heeschen and kissing him on the forehead. You don't have to come with money, and be ready to buy stuff. That's not a requirement at all. It's come and interact with other members of this hobby. Come meet Shane, come and see everything everyone's bringing. I've already got six, eight-foot tables full of pipes and tobaccos reserved, and we've got another 50-some tables full of pipes. You can go to our website and see the exhibitors, and start figuring out who you want to visit with, whose pipes you want to see in person, etc. And there's gonna be more added: we've comfortably got room in that space for a hundred tables. After that it'll be a little uncomfortable. We're even doing a raffle. And I know people are already talking about what they're gonna donate. You can just bring your stuff, and donate it there at the show. But Silver Gray is making a pipe specifically for the raffle, and the raffle tickets start at one dollar. So, bring 20, 25 bucks and buy a handful of raffle tickets, and you might be lucky.

[SI]: Absolutely. We've got some good stuff up our sleeve for the raffle too. We'll talk about that later, because I want that to be a surprise. But yeah, I think to reemphasize some of the social pieces of this. I'm someone who came into pipe smoking in the mid 2000's, and it wasn't quite a huge thing on the internet around that time. Up until I discovered, I was just shopping locally, which was also great, but I didn't realize that there was a big community of people across the internet as well. And it's changed a lot since then. So I'm really grateful for the Facebook groups, for the podcasts, for the Instagram pipe community, and for YouTube pipe community. This is fantastic. Especially here in the US, since we're all spread out geographically, a lot of people may not have access to a pipe shop within 50 miles, so it's awesome to be able to physically gather together at a show. And that's something that I'm so glad that we're able to start doing with you again after a handful of years of not being able to.

[BL]: No, I mean, how cool is it to go up to Nate King or Jimmy Craig of Ashton Pipes, and pick out the pipe directly from them that you want and then smoke it immediately.

[BL]: And you wanna talk about super knowledgeable pipe smokers. I mean Rick Newcombe and Marty Pulvers are both gonna be there with tables .If you've got one of Rick's books already, bring it with you, he'll autograph it for you if he hasn't already, or you can pick one up from him right there. Yeah. I mean, it's going to be hard to cover the entire show floor thoroughly, in the 12 hours of official show hours.

[SI]: And that's the good thing about room hopping: We are gonna be able to do some of that on our own time. You know what I mean? We'll be in the Smokingpipes suite specifically, and we'll have some stuff on display for sure. So come and check out the pipes, enjoy 'em if you can't live without 'em. Of course we're gonna accommodate you, and let you take it with you. But really we just wanna meet you guys. We just want to hang out. We just want to have a bowl and appreciate this hobby, this craft and this community. That's what it's all about.

[BL]: Yeah. It's so overwhelming. And even for me, being in the industry as long as I have, when I leave a pipe show, I come back energized about the hobby. There are some times when I'll go months without seeing another pipe smoker in person. But after pipe shows, I come back invigorated about continuing to do the podcast even longer. And I get to meet people who have listened to the podcast and several of them have become really good friends. So, it's just so much to do. And now if you don't mind, I want to talk about the money side of it, so that I can guilt people into spending money with us.

[SI]: Please.

[BL]: So here's how it works. Dave and I are on the hook for the cost of the entire event from the Palace Station. We've signed a contract. We've agreed to sell X amount of rooms, and we way over did that, so thank you. But the raffle money, the admission fee, and the table rentals really go to just covering the cost of the room. And that's what we've budgeted for. This is entirely a passion project for both of us, and we wanted to not see this pipe show go away. We wanted it to be successful, and we didn't wanna spend a whole bunch of money. But Shane will tell you, I turned down a pipe that I would've really liked to have bought because my pipe money is tied up in a pipe show right now.

The other way you can help out the show is that the hotel requires us to spend a certain amount of marketing, and a certain amount of food and beverage money with them. And it only counts for the food and beverage sold inside the pipe show or inside the rented space. So the cash bar and the Saturday night dinner, those are the two ways. And that's one of the reasons why we're giving away drink tickets, because that helps us with our food and beverage requirement. So you know, we cheated. We're forcing you all to buy a little bit. But consider spending Saturday night at dinner with us. Consider donating something to the raffle, or just buying 20 or 30 or 40 raffle tickets. So those are all ways you can support the show. And look, Dave and I are not expecting to make money on this. We don't wanna lose a lot of money on it, and we would like for the show to continue on. So the best way to support the show is to spend money with the show.

[SI]: Oh, absolutely. And, yeah,, the good news there, for you and Dave, is that pipe show attendees are a thirsty bunch. So, I think as long as the lounge is open and we're all having a good time, that shouldn't be a problem at all.

[BL]: Yeah, and just make sure that, if you're coming to the show, we are the first and only pipe show that I know of that has asked for online registration paid in advance. That doesn't mean that if you walk up to the show and give us 40 bucks that you can't get in at the door, because we'll take your money. We may just run out of free gifts and stuff, so I gotta budget that and figure that out. But if you do it online in advance, then you get entered into the drawing, specifically for those two sets of pipes.

[SI]: Fantastic. Now real quick, where can everybody go to register for this? Please, let's get the website out there a couple more times.


[SI]: Fantastic. That's easy enough. So head over to before September 21st, everybody, if you wanna be entered for a chance to win the artisan pipe sets. Now real quick, before we wrap this up, Brian, I did want to circle back to the Mystery Tobacco Review thing that you mentioned, because literally you and I are the only ones, as of right now, that know this is happening.

[BL]: Oh no, everybody knows it, because it's on the website,

[SI]: Oh do they? Oh! Fantastic!

[BL]: Yeah, on the website there's a list of social media people that will be sitting at those social media tables and what time they'll be there. And right now you are 3:30 to 5:00 PM.

[SI]: Fantastic. Okay good.

[BL]: Followed by Jon David Cole & Beau York, doing the Country Squire Radio.

[SI]: Oh nice. I'll have to stick around for that too if they'll let me. I'll stick around and tease those guys a little bit. So pretty soon we'll announce this in our own way, so that we can start making arrangements ahead of time, but essentially our idea is to perform a Mystery Tobacco Review live at the show. The plan is to take submissions from people who will be attending the show who would like to submit mystery tobaccos for us to review live in front of a crowd. So the way that we're imagining this works is that we'll have a handful of submissions ahead of time, we'll draw a number out of a hat. The samples will be ready to go. We'll sit and we'll smoke for a period of time, probably a little quicker than we normally do, so that we can get to more than one of them. And then we will try to guess what it is.

And then, when it's time to find out what this is, instead of a video that reveals to us what we've been smoking, we can hand a microphone over to whoever was sample number 12, for example, and they can tell us what they picked for us. So it should be a lot of fun. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little nervous about it. It seems like even though we've done this quite a few times, doing it live is gonna be a whole new exercise. But I think it should be a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to hopefully having some participation from all you guys out there who might be attending the show. So we'll have details soon about how we're gonna do that, but that's the idea.

[BL]: Live, unedited, and if you throw dollar bills at Shane, he'll start dancing on the table.

[SI]: Yeah. No, I don't need dollar bills. Drink tickets, people, drink tickets. Awesome. Well, Brian, real quick, I just wanna say, on behalf of us Smokingpipes and the pipe community, you and Dave are doing a great thing for all of us. I'm very, very happy that the show is continuing and growing, and we appreciate your guys' hard work so much. So thank you both so much please. Please keep this going.

[BL]: And you guys jumping on with support right away meant a whole bunch to us, so we really appreciate everything you guys are doing.

[SI]: Oh absolutely. It's the least we can do for what is one of the best pipe shows in the world, for sure. I'm excited to see how it grows over the years. And I really can't wait to be back with all the old friends and the old stomping ground. Oh yeah. October can't come soon enough, that's for sure.

[BL]: Well, there'll be some planning in between, and some stressful nights, but yeah, I'm ready.

[SI]: Well, is there anything else you wanna add before we sign off here?

[BL]: No, I hope to see everybody in Vegas, and go on the website — my email address is right there. So if you have any questions about the website, or about the show, just email me or Dave.

[SI]: Excellent. Thanks so much for talking to me today, and everybody out there, thank you for watching. And we look forward to seeing you in Vegas.

Exhibitors At The Las Vegas International Pipe Show 2022

Adam Davidson Designs • Vermont Freehand – Steve Norse • Mark Berman Pipe Collector • TD Pipes – Tim Dowell • Piping-Aint-Easy • J. Mouton Pipes • Mads Maaloe • BriarWorks USA – Pete Prevost • Dr. Duke • Get Piped! • The Pipe Tart – Sally Gottliebson • Tom Pfaeffle Pipe Collector • The Pipestud! – Steve Fallon • Silver Gray Pipes • Brad Pohlmann Pipes • Ashton Pipes – Jimmy Craig • Tinsky Pipes – Mark and Glen Tinsky • Nate King Pipes • Levoy's Leather & Pipe Obsessed • Paul L. Perri Pipemaker • Andy Camire – Pipe Collector • CPCC Chicago International Pipe Show • M.T.T. Pipes – Matthew Tresser • Ken Byron Ventures • S.E. Thile Pipes • Great Estate Pipes – Chance Whittamore • Don Warren Pipes • Yeti Pipes – Micah Cryder • Rick Newcombe – Author • Viking Designs – Bob Hegdahl • Jeremiah Sandahl Pipes • Dennis Congos/Mark Lindner – Pipe Collectors • J Alan Pipes – Jeff Gracik • • D.R. Franc Pipes • Murf Sculptured Pipes – Murf O'Dean • Central Coast Pipe Club • marTelo Pipes – Gustavo Cunha • DSH Pipes – David Huber • – SIX Tables • Jared Coles Pipes – Jared Coles • Houston Pipe Cast – Eric Vanderpool • Lone Star Briar Works – Mark Domingues • Yiannos Kokkinos Pipes • Marek Cikl Pipes • Pulver's Prior Briar – Marty Pulvers • Seamonster Workshop – Jeremy M. Sedita • Rex Poggenpohl – Pipe Collector • The Pipery – Dave Shain & Mike Moore • Steve Leaders – Pipe Collector • Ye Olde Pipe & Tobacco Shop • Seattle Pipe Club • Tobacco Pipe Exports • Dr. Bob Pipes – Bob Kiess • Herbaugh Pipes – Abe Herbaugh

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