Castello's SPC 20th Anniversary Pipes

This year celebrates the 20th anniversary of Smokingpipes, and to commemorate such a milestone, we've partnered with numerous members of the pipe-smoking community to develop and release several projects throughout 2020, such as Peterson's 20th-Anniversary pipe with stunning silver-adorned sandblasts, and most recently, Tom Eltang's distinct 20th-Anniversary Billiard shape. Today, we enthusiastically welcome Castello's contribution to the project.

"In early 2000, I began considering the prospect of selling pipes on the internet. I incorporated Laudisi Enterprises that May, registered that June, and we sold our first pipe that November. Twenty years and lots and lots of pipes and pipe tobacco later, Smokingpipes occupies a special place in the hobby. To celebrate, we've asked our friends at Castello to craft a special batch of 40 limited-edition pipes, all in a singular shape: a compact straight Apple. The design showcases Castello's celebrated style and finishes in a practical size, and each piece comes with a matching tamper also designed specifically for the 20th-Anniversary project."
- Sykes Wilford

Castello's influence and reputation within the pipe making community is well established. The Italian workshop's iconic shaping style has made an indelible impact on Italian pipe design as a whole, and their use of aged briar and distinct finishes has amassed a dedicated following of discerning collectors. For our special 20th-Anniversary project, we and the Castello artisans wanted to design a shape that was at once indicative of Castello's style as well as practical for pipe smokers and appealing to collectors.

They settled on a compact, saddle-stemmed Apple accented with a briar inlay, essentially combining the Italian workshop's "10" Brucianaso nosewarmer design with the "23" Apple shape. Castello's artisans fashioned a total of 40 pipes for the project, and all are serialized and stamped with the 20th Anniversary's logo. Furthermore, each pipe comes paired with a unique tamper — essentially a tamper version of Castello's famous proprietary acrylic stems, complete with the iconic bar logo and a sterling silver foot.

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