Smokingpipes 20th Anniversary Savinelli Pipes

Beginning in early 2000, while attending college and working for a cigar and pipe shop, I started considering the prospect of establishing a business to sell pipes on the internet. I incorporated Laudisi Enterprises that May, registered that June, and we sold our first pipe that November.

It's now been 20 years since Smokingpipes got its start in my dorm room at Vanderbilt University, and what an adventure it's been. The best thing about company anniversaries is that the party can go on all year, and we're celebrating with a range of special, limited edition projects spanning multiple countries, manufacturers, and products. Today we announce our second entry in our exclusive series of pipes made in celebration of Smokingpipes' 20th Anniversary. Our first entry was a sandblasted Peterson. The second is from Savinelli, another venerable factory with which Smokingpipes has developed a special relationship over the years.

When we first conceived of the project, we very much wanted to emphasize what each factory or workshop did exceptionally well. In the case of our first series, we chose to highlight Peterson's extraordinary silver work. In the case of Savinelli's contribution, we wanted to do something with a distinctive acrylic stem. Savinelli, particularly in the past four or five years, has been innovating aggressively with proprietary stem colors and patterns that represent a marked departure for any factory brand, each stem cast for its specific series, and the results have been impressive. From the spectacularly popular Oceano, to the Fantasia, to the most recent entry, Eleganza, Savinelli has been advancing the limits of what works as stem colors. And, frankly, we think that's pretty cool and we wanted to celebrate that innovation.

We decided on Savinelli's rich red acrylic for the stem, because we really like it, and also as a nod to Smokingpipes' color theme. And, of course, we selected Savinelli's 320 KS shape. The 320 KS is among Savinelli's most popular shapes and has become, particularly in the past few years, iconically associated with the brand itself. The sheer size of the stem and shank on the 320 also makes it a great showcase for the colorful stem. And its passing resemblance to the Smokingpipes' logo, while coincidental, is a special bonus.

The special edition of just over 100 pipes is available in both sandblasted and smooth finishes, including a limited selection of 10 Punto Oro smooths, six Giubileo d'Oro sandblasts, and three Giubileo d'Oro smooths, representing the finest pieces in the collection.

Once again, this is among a number of tantalizing projects we've planned for the year. We're having fun with it. A special event like this gives us the opportunity — at some level — to just play; to do things that we might not otherwise consider, and to partner with companies and people we particularly like working with. I hope you like these special Savinellis as much as I do, and I look forward to sharing with you the rest of the exciting projects we anticipate for 2020.


    • Bill Maclean on March 22, 2020
    • I have admired your business for quite some time. I’ve always thought it would be great to get a tour, and even spend some time if possible working as an unpaid intern in the warehouse for a vacation day. I know that’s not gonna happen right now but who knows once all this is past?

      In the meantime I’m glad things are going well for you. It’s great that those 20th anniversary Peterson pipes sold out so fast, but I am sorry I missed the opportunity to get one. I love the Petersen Silver, and good sand blasts are very appealing.

      How about commissioning another round pipes? You could call them 20th anniversary encore edition and stamp them as such.

      Because they’re encore edition product, selling them would not devalue what the original people got when they purchased a 20th anniversary edition. It would give people like me a chance to get in on the fun, without hurting the people who are four sided enough to get in on the first tranche.

      Maybe the original purchasers might enjoy a second round. If I had one of the original 20th anniversary pipes, I might be very interested in getting an encore addition pipe. I would view it as an increase in the joy of collecting, not the degradation of what I bought in the first round.

    • Duane on March 22, 2020
    • Pity they're not available in a variety of shapes. The 320 has always been my least favorite from Savinelli.

    • Jerry Roman on July 26, 2020
    • Good Morning, I have a Radice pipe that the stem is broken. Do you do repairs and clean up on pipes. If you do, I would like to send it to you.If you could forward the specific address to me I would appreciate it.Thank youJerry Roman

    • Cassie D on July 27, 2020
    • @Jerry Roman I'm afraid we don't do pipe/stem repairs here in-house, but I will send you an email with some other options!

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