Mystery Cigar Review: August 2021

Welcome back to another episode of the Mystery Cigar Review! For this month's installment, we were privileged to host another very special guest Inquisitor: founder of Warped Cigars, Mr. Kyle Gellis! An entrepreneur with a taste for finery, Kyle is a curator of meticulous standards. He supervises Warped at every level of production, ensuring that each cigar meets his rigid criteria. Warped cigars are made the Cuban way, using techniques like the Cuban triple cap, historic covered foot, or entubado bunching, at either El Titan de Bronze factory in Miami or at Casa Fernandez's Tabacos de Valle de Jalapa S.A. in Nicaragua, and many Warped cigars are produced only by category nine torcedores. As a boutique manufacturer, each Warped release is unique in construction and flavor, adhering to Kyle's "exclusively different" mantra, yet all Warped cigars are noted for their consistency.

Since their release, Warped's range of premium cigars has received widespread critical acclaim, consistently scoring 90+ reviews in Cigar Aficionado and other major industry publications. Kyle knows we enjoy his cigars, so he couldn't have sent a popular blend like the Hacienda, Corto, or Flor Del Valle... could he? Tune in as Shane, Truett, Tyler, and I smoke Kyle's chosen cigar and attempt to guess its wrapper, binder, filler, and model number (we're going big today). Did our love of Warped cigars give us an edge? Or did Kyle's blending mastery put us to shame? Watch the full video to find out, and don't forget to check out Warped's lineup of cigars here.

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What is The Mystery Cigar Review?

For those of you unfamiliar with this little game, each month one member of our team selects a cigar for us to review in a blind taste-test. Then we gather around the camera, scratch our heads, and smoke, all while attempting to guess the mysterious cigar's wrapper, filler, origins, and name. There's only one rule: There are no rules.

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