Mystery Cigar Review: July 2021

Welcome back to another episode of the Mystery Cigar Review! For this month's installment, we were privileged to host yet another guest Inquisitor: the sommelier, adventure traveler, and Range Rover enthusiast turned owner, founder, and master blender of Black Label Trading Co. and BLK WKS Studio — Mr. James Brown. James and his wife Angela oversee production of premium cigars at their Oveja Negra factory in Nicaragua, and each cigar is made to the highest standards imaginable, blended with love, and rolled in small batches to ensure "100% quality from seed to ash." From staples like Salvation, Bishop's Blend, and Deliverance to daring releases like the Green Hornet and Killer Bee, Brown's portfolio is diverse, spanning a variety of sizes and flavor profiles — each with their own distinctive and seriously delicious character.

With a reputation like that, were we nervous to go up against James? Yes. Yes, we were. Did we do it anyway? Yes. Yes, we did. Tune in as Truett, Tyler, Shane, and I smoke the cigar James chose for us this month, and watch as we attempt to guess its components, size, and blend name. Watch the full review above to find out how we did, and don't forget to check out our entire selection of Black Label Trading Co. and BLK WKS Studio cigars, on site now.

Did you enjoy this month's Mystery Cigar Review? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

What is The Mystery Cigar Review?

For those of you unfamiliar with this little game, each month one member of our team selects a cigar for us to review in a blind taste-test. Then we gather around the camera, scratch our heads, and smoke, all while attempting to guess the mysterious cigar's wrapper, filler, origins, and name. There's only one rule: There are no rules.


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