Smokingpipes 20th Anniversary Dunhill Two-Pipe Sets
Dunhill Smokingpipes 20th Anniversary Pipes At

This year celebrates the 20th anniversary of Smokingpipes, and in commemoration we've partnered with numerous members of the pipe-smoking community to develop and release several projects throughout 2020. So far, we've seen contributions from Peterson, Savinelli, Cornell & Diehl, Tom Eltang, and Castello — all extraordinary works of pipe making or tobacco blending — and today, we enthusiastically welcome Dunhill's contribution to the project.

The White Spot is among the most recognizable and sought-after pipe brands on the market. For many, the brand's pipe chart serves as the gold standard for classic shapes. Dunhill's innovation has influenced a host of pipe makers all around the world. Because of their importance, not just to Smokingpipes but to the wider pipe community at large, we knew we wanted Dunhill among the names on our 20th Anniversary project.

This collaboration began late last year, when Sykes and Shane visited the Dunhill factory. While talking with Kalmon Hener, Product Line Director for The White Spot, they decided that these 20th Anniversary pipes should be unique pieces representing the best of both companies as well as catering to their personal tastes as pipe smokers. What emerged from that collaboration was an eminently practical and functional two-pipe set that was also entrenched in tradition and history.

In early 2000, I began considering the prospect of selling pipes on the internet. Twenty years and lots and lots of pipes and pipe tobacco later, Smokingpipes occupies a special place in the hobby. To celebrate, we've asked our friends at Dunhill to craft a special run of 20 limited-edition pipe sets showcasing two of the brand's most iconic designs: the 03 Billiard and the 07 Prince. Presented in the historic Bruyere and Shell finishes, and secured in Dunhill's patented Ventage case, the design hearkens to an earlier era of pipe making and underlines the enduring legacy of The White Spot.
- Sykes Wilford

Limited to 20 in total, each numbered set contains one 03 Billiard and one 07 Prince, two of Dunhill's most iconic and collectible shapes. Both pipes are fitted with hand-cut, vulcanite mouthpieces and rendered in Group 3 size, acknowledging the average size of pipes at the turn of the 20th century. Moreover, the pipes are presented in classic Bruyere and Shell finishes, the first two finishes Dunhill ever devised, and are topped with genuine sterling silver military mounts, allowing the pipes to be disassembled even when hot and exemplifying The White Spot's long standing reputation for tasteful silverwork.

The set also comes with Dunhill's proprietary Ventage case, a patented design that allows the pipes to breathe and dry even while in the case. Each set also comes complete with a certificate of authenticity, signed by both Sykes Wilford and Kalmon Hener, and each pipe features our 20th Anniversary logo as well as the traditional silver hallmarks — both quite subtle and refined.

Taken together, these sets are windows into over a century of pipe making history and tradition. Designed to highlight Dunhill's antique, turn of the century styling, they pay homage to the brand's enduring legacy and are eminently functional as well. As practical travel companions, these sets offer everything needed for a weekend trip, and have been executed through Dunhill's refined lens for an elegant, minimalist design.

Dunhill Smokingpipes 20th Anniversary Pipes At


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