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Sykes' and Shane's Passion for Petite Pipes

I like smaller pipes for a few reasons: they are handy, lightweight, and easy to clench. Smaller chambers also afford me shorter smokes and more bowls throughout the day, which I greatly prefer to one or two smokes lasting two hours each. I can sample more blends and have a nice variety in my daily rotation.

Lately it seems like many pipers are gravitating towards a rotation of small, practical pipes as well. After all, it's one thing to settle down in one's favorite armchair after dinner for a relaxing nightcap, but what about for a quick break during the workday, or a pocket-friendly briar for on the go?

When Sykes and I visited the Savinelli factory earlier this year we were already fans of the venerable marque's Petite line of pipes. Naturally, we were delighted when a small selection of the first-ever Petite Punto Oro and Petite Giubileo d'Oro pipes were brought out. Truth be told, we were probably a little too delighted. Between the two of us, we realized that we already had an impressive selection of shapes and finishes across the Petite lines (like the Petite standards, Silver Army Mount Punto Oro, and Vintage "4002" Punto Oro Cutty seen here in the photos), but that wasn't about to stop us from adding more to our Petite collections.

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    • Bruce P on June 19, 2015
    • Back when I was in the military I found that one usually had enough time to smoke a cigarette put a pipe proved more difficult due to time limits. Smoking a smaller pipe was a good alternative. Now I am far from the shores of sunny Southeast Asia, I have shifted back to larger pipes although I will still smoke one of the little guys every so often. I prefer a full bent with a bit of a larger bowl. It just seems to suit me better. I am not sure I could tell you why. It just seems more unhurried.

    • KevinM on June 19, 2015
    • I'm liking smaller pipes, too. Your article nicely summarized the case. My favorite pipes of the year are smoked out on the westward facing deck, watching the sun set and/or the stars come out, especially with the fireflies blinking. A group three bowl with -- well, practically any decent pipe weed -- is very bliss. On a clear night I take my astronomical binocs out there, too. And to ward off the vapors, a wee nip of Powers Gold is nice.

    • Haebar on June 24, 2015
    • Recently acquired an unsmoked Sunrise Featherweight Apple pipe. It came in a lot of pipes that I got on EBay. At first I didn't think I would have any use for it; it was so small it seemed like a toy. Then one afternoon I realized that Corona sized cigars fit in the bowl so I finished off one in it. Now it is one of my favorite pipes for many reasons but primarily the light weight!

    • Dan L. on November 7, 2015
    • I also have noticed many next generation pipe smokers prefer a much smaller pipe. I usually designate the smaller pipes to my wife's rotation but I've noticed when I bring a batch of smaller pipes (Kaywoodie Colt's, Savinelli Diva's, Comoy's Monogram) to a swap, such as Chicago, I tend to sell out in the first couple hours. It is also the detail and craftsmanship that a miniature pipe can behold. I 've seen and possessed many that have BEATUTIFUL GRAIN and UNPARELLELED STEM FABRICATION. Also I believe many collectors like to have a wide range of shapes and sizes to make it a true collection. Many of the early "blue chip pipes" are very petite and were used for smoking on the job and in that era a large pipe was more than likely not functional. We also need to keep in mind, during the early years of pipe smoking, they were not under the assumption that they would be collectible items in the future. They produced pipes at affordable prices so when the pipe turned sour, a new pipe was easily affordable. That why some of the older Barling's, Comoy's, Dunhill's and Sasieni's, in mint condition sell for astronomical prices! They are rare due to improper use and carelessness of the owners. How many eight dots, patent Dunhills, or Ye Olde Wood Barling's have we seen that are unsalvageable? COUNTLESS! I love the articles on your website and keep up the good work.

    • Garreck G on June 17, 2016
    • Agreed! I've got 12 pipes rattling around at home and 9 of them are smaller medium sized to petite. One of my new favs is the little Ropp bulldog that I purchased from you a few months back. It's great for a 15-30 min smoke (depending on what I'm smoking and how I pack it) and easy to shove in my pocket. And since variety is the spice of life I can dip into my "tackle box" of tobacco and choose from a number of options. Still enjoy an author with a book on Saturday/Sunday morning before everyone is up though! Cheers!

    • Adam O'Neill on June 20, 2016
    • @Garreck G Thanks for weighing in Garreck. and I know what you mean. Nearly all of my pipes are group 1-2 sized, yet if I have some quiet time and some reading I still reach for the Savinelli 320 KS.

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