Tasting Notes: C&D Small Batch - Carolina Red Flake

Another installment in Cornell & Diehl's Small Batch Series, Carolina Red Flake is sure to be an instant hit. It's the most honest and straightforward Virginia blend that I've ever tried. Comprised of only one varietal, and made from only the highest grades grown, harvested, and blended in the Carolinas, Carolina Red Flake offers spicy and sweet notes, hints of dried fruit, and a surprising complexity. It's also comfortable and familiar enough to not demand your utmost attention, but if you are digging deep, there's plenty to discover in this flake. High sugar content and high quality will surely make for an extra special experience down the road after several years of resting in the tin!


    • Marc Ruby on June 15, 2016
    • Honestly, I always enjoy your reviews and have bought a number of great tobaccos based on them. I am aware of their value as a marketing tool as well. But these 'small batch' reviews are more irritating than useful. Let's face it, these blends are gone shortly after the review goes up - never to be seen again. I find this very disappointing - this is right up there with the Penzance emails that arrive right after the tobacco is gone.

      Maybe you should try a different marketing tool - subscription or some form of lottery, perhaps. Any way that shows you respect smokers like me.

    • s.ireland on June 16, 2016
    • @Marc Ruby We simply didn't think that Smokingpipes.com would sell out of Carolina Red Flake as quickly as we did. The Small Batch project is relatively new for Cornell & Diehl. They only made a few hundred tins of Straight Up English, and 777 of The Beast. Because of the demand following the previous two releases, C&D was asked to make a lot of Carolina Red Flake (2,400 tins) but I don't think anyone expected CRF to sell out in just a few hours. I appreciate the feedback, but trust me when I say that I reviewed this blend because it's a really interesting and unique product. We usually do post the review a few days before the release of a blend like this, with the option for folks to sign up for an in stock notification. I thought we had enough to go around.

    • Patrick D on June 18, 2016
    • I was lucky enough to get "some" of this tobacco. Before I fall in love with it and start smoking it every day I need to know, is what I have now all I'm ever going to have or is C&D making plans for more?

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