Tasting Notes: G.L. Pease's Spark Plug

It's not everyday I get to review a new G.L. Pease blend, so get ready. On this episode of Tasting Notes, I'm covering everything you need to know about Greg's latest creation: Spark Plug. The first true, Latakia-based plug in Greg's lineup, Spark Plug is a bold English/Balkan mixture, offering a heavy helping of smoky Latakia alongside choice bright and Oriental leaf. It's full-bodied in flavor, medium-plus in strength, and quite possibly the best Balkan blend I've smoked in years.

Rich, dark, oily, mysterious, full of fascinatingly complex, smoky, and leathery aromas, just like all those little British cars from my past that inspired both the blend and the name. Latakiaphiles are going to love it. - Gregory Pease

Pressed into a dense plug, Spark Plug can be sliced thick or thin, based on individual preference, and once cut it's quite easy to pack and keep lit. The flavor is just crazy: it's such a deep profile, marked by notes of camphor, incense, and aged leather from the Latakia, alongside a peppery spice from the Orientals and a fruity sweetness from the Virginias. Like the classic cars that inspired its invention, Spark Plug is certainly bold, but it's also charming and refined.

Learn more about the blend in my full review above, and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below!


    • Garrick Roshau on February 16, 2020
    • Nice review! Being a Latakia lover, I’m stoked about this blend. I can’t wait to crack open my tin and enjoy this masterpiece! I also need to order more tins for my cellar.

    • OomHoward on February 17, 2020
    • Great review! Certainly makes me want to give it a try.
      Love that tamper. ===||||||

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