Tasting Notes: Samuel Gawith Cabbie's Mixture

New blends from Samuel Gawith aren't exactly common, but the fact that Cabbie's Mixture is also the first coin cut from the venerable English blending house makes it all the more exciting. This Virginia-Perique coin is the perfect addition to the Samuel Gawith line as it complements St. James Flake nicely — being less dark in overall flavor profile, instead focusing on the sharper flavors that the combination of Virginia and Perique can provide. The leaf used is of the highest quality, and this one will surely age beautifully. I'll be putting away more than a few tins myself, and Smokingpipes.com is the only place you'll find the release of this blend in the U.S.!


    • Terry Gawryk on February 9, 2016
    • Why does Mr. Shane Ireland wear a hat to record his 'tasting notes' for Gawith's Cabbie's Mixture? Why do gentlemen wear hats inside an office or habitation? Is it a religious observance? I note that he is hat-less in the small cameo. Then, why doesn't Mr. Ireland hold up the can to the camera to display the qualities of the tobacco in the tin? He shoved his nose inside several times, so I wondered if this was a first time examination of the contents. But then he confesses, after puffing, that he's had several bowls of this stuff. He could pick up a coin or two to give us an approximation of the size and colors of the tobaccos. And he could've rubbed out a coin to demonstrate the relative elasticity and compactness of the rolled, sliced tobacco. I'm just wondering.

    • s.ireland on February 9, 2016
    • @Terry Gawryk Each time I review a blend, I do so after smoking several bowls in various pipes, so during this video was not the first time that I had examined the contents of the tin. It's not uncommon to find something new each time one smokes/smells a blend so I make sure to smoke a bowl during the videos, and to also stick my nose back in the tin a few times. We usually try to include a closeup of the blend in these videos, and will continue to do so going forward.Thanks for the suggestions! And I typically only wear a hat when my hair isn't combed :)

    • KT on February 11, 2016
    • Shane who made that pipe your smoking? Is it an Eltang Devil Anse?

    • s.ireland on February 12, 2016
    • @KT It's one of the Eltang SPC 15th Anniversary Devil Anse pipes. I have one smooth and one Rusticated. Not only is the shape attractive, but they smoke so well. Those pipes have become some of my "most reached for"!

    • Bryan Webber on February 12, 2016
    • Shane, it always amazes me how some people have that "super taste" ability. That being said, I find your reviews enjoyable and liking to my own palate. This is a blend I will definitely try and I'm excited as you've introduced a new packing method for the coins. I tried with Luxury Bullseye Flake and I like the method better.

    • s.ireland on February 15, 2016
    • @Bryan Webber Thank you so much for the kind words, Bryan! That's the best thing about flakes and coins; you have control over the smoke in a way that other cuts just can't provide. For Luxury Bullseye, one of my favorite preparations is to remove the intact "cores" and to rub the rest of the coins out. Then, I layer the Black Cav pieces in-between pinches of the rubbed-out portions.

    • Parabellum on February 20, 2016
    • Where would you say SG Springtime fits w SG vapers?

    • s.ireland on February 22, 2016
    • @Parabellum I'd rank the SG VAPer blends from lightest to fullest as follows:

      Springtime Flake
      Cabbie's Mixture
      St. James Flake

      This is not only based on Perique content, but body and flavor as well. I hope this helps!

    • Santos Pastor on March 8, 2016
    • Perfect Virginia The new Bourbon bleu by Cornell

    • thomas pallan on April 9, 2016
    • Was gifted a tin of Cabbies and I love it!. Smokes differently in different pipes, but in my best smoking pipes this is in my top 3. Loved it, but sold out now at smoking pipes!
      Strange, but when I want a really light virginia, I smoke redcake 5100, {straight virginia, no perique}now I might switch over to SG Springtime.
      Shane, if I wanted to blend my own, how much perique added to 5100 for a mild/moderate va/per? I do prefer ribbon cut.

    • Adam O'Neill on April 11, 2016
    • @Santos Pastor We definitely agree.

    • Adam O'Neill on April 11, 2016
    • @Thomas Pallan Extra mild would sit around 5%, so maybe work up from there?

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