Top 10 Strongest Cigars

Top Ten Strongest Cigars

Cigars are bountiful and it's a great time to take up the hobby, but this cigar renaissance isn't exclusively beneficial to beginners. As the influx of blends and brands has increased, the variety of strong, full-bodied cigars has as well — perfect for experienced aficionados who seek further realms of strength. The following list displays 10 of the strongest cigars available on Smokingpipes, in no particular order. Many of these cigars are defined by their use of high priming tobaccos, such as ligero, referring to the leaves that grow highest on a tobacco stalk. These leaves receive more sunlight and more nutrients, leading to more prevalent nicotine. Many of these cigars showcase the judicious use of Broadleaf and Maduro tobacco, with these darker, more richly flavored tobaccos being excellent complements to strong filler blends.

Because of their strength, these cigars aren't for the faint of heart, but they're certainly worth exploring. It's possible that a new favorite blend lies among those listed here.

10. Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust: Mi Querida Triqui Traca

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Mi Querida Triqui Traca Cigars

Blended by Steve Saka, one of the great master cigar blenders of our time, the Mi Querida is the second blend released by his company, Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, following his much lauded debut blend Sobremesa..

To Saka, the Mi Querida represents his deep passion and love for Maduro, and the Triqui Traca serves as a deepened iteration of the blend, its name referencing the Nicaraguan slang word for oversized firecrackers connected to one fuse on a singular string. It features a Connecticut Broadleaf No. 1 Dark corona wrapper, a change from the original that's pulled from the top of the tobacco stalk, and its filler blend introduces a potent and unique Dominican ligero in addition to its already strong bunching. The flavor profile here is deep and sumptuous, with an almost meaty, umami flavor surrounding spicy notes of earth, cocoa, and espresso.

9. CAO: Brazilia

CAO Brazilia Cigars

In addition to being a potent, vibrant cigar, CAO's Brazilia was the first major cigar release to showcase a Brazilian wrapper, contributing to a craze that's seen these wrappers rise in popularity. This cigar comprises the aforementioned Brazilian wrapper, a rugged, toothy Maduro that's massively flavorful, over a binder and fillers from Nicaragua, and the wrapper is carefully aged to bring out the most in its flavor profile. With notes of nuttiness, leather, earth, and a complementary floral aroma, this cigar has delighted taste buds with a deluge of intense flavors since 2001.

8. Liga Privada: Unico Serie UF-13 Dark

Liga Privada: Unico Serie UF-13 Dark Cigars

With a name like the UF-13 Dark, it's no surprise that this blend is a powerhouse, and one that comes from the collaboration of both Steve Saka and Jonathan Drew back when Steve was working with Drew Estate. Part of Drew Estate's esteemed Liga Privada line, this blend goes a step further into relative rarity by being a member of the limited production Unico Series, a line that designates Liga Privada test blends that are exceptional in their flavors and aromas but are rare and limited by current growth and production.

The UF-13 was originally realized as a potential addition to the Liga Privada T52 series, but was considered too strong, only to be smoked obsessively by Jonathan Drew himself, leading to its release within the Unico Series. Comprising a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper over a Brazilian Mata Fina binder and both Honduran and Nicaraguan Cuban-seed fillers, this is a positively bountiful smoke with a striking degree of complexity and an unctuous bouquet that leaves the palate wanting more.

7. Tatuaje: Fausto

Tatuaje Fausto Cigars

Tatuaje's Fausto blend is a demonstration of Pete Johnson's skill with blending stronger tobaccos and is the full, regular-release version of a limited-edition cigar that was sold exclusively in Honolulu, Hawaii, and called the T110. The T110 was a strong smoke, so much so that for the full-scale release in the Fausto, the blend was modified to tone down some of its strength.

The name roughly translates into "fortunate," and the blend comprises an Ecuadorian Habano Maduro wrapper over Nicaraguan binder and fillers. The result is a smoking experience that's laden with spice, earth, leather, and espresso, befitting the name's additional reference in its packaging to the German folktales concerning Faust and his deal with the Devil.

6. RoMa Craft: Neanderthal

Roma Craft Neanderthal Cigars

The Neanderthal was released in October of 2014 and comprises a Mexican San Andrés wrapper over a Connecticut Broadleaf binder, with filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Pennsylvania. Of particular note is the Pennsylvanian Green River One Sucker ligero, a varietal known for its strength. Flavor-wise, this cigar is extremely rich and deep with plenty of complexity, delivering notes of leather, cedar, rich coffee, and spicy sweetness.

5. Southern Draw: Jacobs Ladder Brimstone Un Presidente

Southern Draw: Jacobs Ladder Brimstone Un Presidente Cigars

Southern Draw cigars was founded in 2014 by United States Army Signal Corps veteran Robert Holt. The brand's mission is one of both quality and reverence, producing limited quantities of their cigars in a sustainable manner while honoring the traditions of tobacco cultivation and acting as a charity organization that's helped raise money for U.S. veterans.

The original release of their Jacobs Ladder cigar was the company's double ligero offering, the base line representing the strongest, most full-bodied cigars the company had ever produced at that point, with two different varietals of ligero represented in its blend. The Brimstone, released in 2019, is a modified version with three different types of ligero, making it one of the few triple ligero cigars available. It consists of Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro wrapper over a Broadleaf binder from the U.S. and fillers of both Nicaraguan and Dominican ligeros, culminating in a flavor profile that's extremely spicy, full of rich earth, and laden with a subtle sweetness.

4. Camacho: Triple Maduro

Camacho Triple Maduro Cigars

Camacho is an iconic brand originally founded in Miami, Florida, in 1961 by Simon Camacho after leaving his home country of Cuba. The Triple Maduro is a unique blend as the world's first all-Maduro cigar. It consists of a Mexican San Andrés Maduro wrapper over a Mexican Corojo Maduro binder and Maduro fillers from Brazil, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. Flavor-wise, the Triple Maduro possesses a deep, rich, dark-chocolate and cocoa note that's joined by ample spice, cedar, and nuttiness for an engagingly complex smoke that's not shy about its nicotine content.

3. Black Label Trading Company: Memento Mori

Black Label Trading Company Memento Mori Cigars

Translating to "remember death" or "remember you will die," Memento Mori takes its name from a Latin phrase dating back thousands of years, reminding people of their mortality and encouraging the full appreciation of life. Black Label Trading Company's use of the phrase in this cigar reflects its deep, dark character and intense flavor profile, though also its balancing of strength and complexity. Draped in a Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper, this cigar features an Ecuadorian Habano binder over Nicaraguan fillers, and offers tasting notes of dark fruit, leather, spice, and earth.

Described as a cigar that "reflects no pretentious airs," this blend is potent: a Nicaraguan puro with a Sun Grown wrapper and a confidential mix of binder and fillers. Nicaraguan tobacco is known for its often spicy qualities, and that is something which this cigar reflects readily, with ample spice on the palate that's complemented by rich earth and dark chocolate.

2. Cain: F 738 Lancero Cigars

Cain: F 738 Lancero Cigars

The Cain line of cigars was initially released by the Oliva family in 2009 specifically to showcase ligero leaf. The Cain F was released in extremely limited quantities the same year as a bonus to retailers before joining Cain's regular-production lineup. The F is a special blend, made to push limits to see how much ligero could be successfully blended into a cigar. According to Oliva, that amount of ligero would be around 82 percent within the Cain F. This much ligero leads to a deluge of spiciness that's tempered by notes of leather, earth, and cocoa, owed to this Nicaraguan puro's Habano wrapper and proprietary combination of binder and fillers.

1. La Flor Dominicana: Double Ligero Maduro Digger

La Flor Dominicana: Double Ligero Maduro Digger Cigars

La Flor Dominicana has produced several distinctive blends and sizes, the family-run business becoming known in later years for their production of complex, full-bodied blends that push the envelope of both flavor and the potential of Dominican tobacco.

The Double Ligero was made as a followup to the Ligero line, showcasing its namesake leaf as the main attraction, with the Double Ligero adding even more of the potent varietal to great effect. This specific size, the Digger, has become infamous for its immense strength and large size, taking up to three-and-a-half hours to smoke its 8 ½ X 60 profile. The Maduro version features an Ecuadorian Maduro wrapper over a Dominican binder and fillers, with plenty of ligero in the latter and a flavor profile that's marked by a dark, fruity sweetness, leather, earth, and rich spiciness. A perfect companion for the seasoned smoker on a lengthy car ride.

Although these are some of the strongest cigars on site, there are many more to explore for seekers of strength, as many brands feature at least one full-strength cigar within their portfolio, and some specialize in these blends. Given the widespread resurgence of cigars' popularity, their expansive selection makes it easier than ever to find one that suits even the most specific of personal preferences, and our vast inventory and Cigar Locator tool make that process even easier. Though this may not be the best list to start a cigar-smoking journey, and it certainly doesn't represent the penultimate cigar experience, it's a great opportunity to experience the most intense combinations of flavors that the industry can muster, expanding the palate and allowing the tobacco to express itself to the fullest.


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