Daughters & Ryan: Rimboché A.P. 16oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-470-0015

Daughters & Ryan's Rimboché A.P. pipe tobacco, a companion to their Rimboché S.J. blend, utilizes Acadian Perique — as indicated by "A.P." Whether smoked on its own or used as a blending component to elevate your at-home mixtures, this lively tobacco is sure to delight with its natural flavor profile.

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3.40 out of 5 stars
Benchmark VaPer
December 17, 2017
Product: Daughters & Ryan Rimboché A.P. 40g
Flavorful, soft, and gently sweet Virginia (not sharp or "hot"-smoking), with fruity Perique (not peppery). Occasionally develops a wonderful musty taste. Good smoke volume and mouth feel. Very comforting smoke.
Good Stuff!
July 22, 2017
Product: Daughters & Ryan Rimboché A.P. 16oz
I find this a very good Va/Per blend. The low price for a pound is a bonus as well. Good quality tobacco , comes dry so hydrating it is recommended. I like it dry as well though. It packs and burns very well. No bite, just a slight sting from the sp... Read More
Used to be Good Years Ago
August 24, 2021
Product: Daughters & Ryan Rimboché A.P. 16oz
Was a fan of a few blends from D&R from 2010-2015 and figured i try it again in 2021, but the recipe has been changed or maybe my taste palette has gotten better over the years. Harsh and not enjoyable at all with a most recent purchase in 2019 ... Read More
Buen vaper
January 14, 2021
Product: Daughters & Ryan Rimboché A.P. 16oz
Virginia sabrosa y un perique que pica un poco pero no sobrecarga la mezcla. A mí cada vez me gusta más esta marca de tabaco, y aquí en España está entrando muy poco por smokingpipes, pero está teniendo muy buena aceptación, por lo que hablo con otro... Read More
March 24, 2016
Product: Daughters & Ryan Rimboché A.P. 40g
이런류의 깡통의 대부분의 연초 상태가 바싹 말라 있어 제맛을 잃어 버린게 많네요. 두딸네미사의 제품들 깡통으로 9개를 샀는데 다 말라 있네요 아마 오래보관 되어 있지 않았나 싶은데 되도록이면 비닐에 밀봉도니 제품을 사시길 권장합니다.