Sutliff: Count Pulaski Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 005-443-0072

"Count Pulaski of Poland, an officer famous throughout Europe for his bravery and conduct in defence of the liberties of his country against the three great invading powers of Russia, Austria and Prussia . may be highly useful to our service." - Benjamin Franklin

And quite right Franklin proved to be, as Polish nobleman-in-exile Casimir Pulaski, who would come to be known as one of the "fathers of the American cavalry," is credited with saving the life of George Washington at the Battle of Brandywine (which occurred before he was even officially commissioned), and served with distinction until he succumbed to grave wounds suffered at the Battle of Savannah.

Fitting to the complex character of a man who fought for independence on two different continents, Sutliff's Count Pulaski is itself no simple blend — it is in fact composed of four different sub-blends. Burley shag, Burley plug, Burley cube, Carolina flake, Virginia, and Latakia are all combined in this one, serving as a base for flavors of Rose of Latakia (as the choicest Syrian leaf is called), rum, and anise.

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A fine smoke
December 26, 2015
Product: Sutliff Count Pulaski Bulk
A very nice tin note, smokey and woodsy. Mine seemed a but dry but not overly so. Packs and lights easily, burns well. Taste is not overpowering but not too light. Listed as an aromatic, it certainly doesn't smell like one. Might be a new favorite of... Read More
Good Blend
May 25, 2015
Product: Sutliff Count Pulaski Bulk
The tin note is like leather, old books, and camp fire all rolled together. It is about right on moisture. Burns pretty good after it's lite. This is a full flavor smoke, great tasting smoke. The only drawback for me with it is the wife can't sta... Read More
One of my Favorites
February 15, 2021
Product: Sutliff Count Pulaski Bulk
This is a strange one for me. I can see why this is a polarizing blend. It’s not like a savory English but rather has a sweeter and earthier smokey taste. It’s heavy on the burley which gives it a mellow earthy woody molasses quality but it also has ... Read More