Sutliff: D62 - Planters Punch Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 005-443-0029

Planter's Punch was created in 1904 by a bartender at the Planter's Hotel in St. Louis. But it wasn't until the New York Times posted the recipe in 1908 that the drink gained popularity. Sutliff recreates this delicious concoction consisting of rum, orange, pineapple, coconut, cherry and raspberry applied to a base of Burley, Virginia and black Cavendish.
Room Note:
  • Components: Virginia, Burley, Black Cavendish
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (3 Total)
Overall Rating:
3.67 out of 5 stars
Simply Awesome!
May 25, 2017
Product: Sutliff D62 - Planters Punch Bulk
Definitely one of my favorite aromatics! Burns well & flavor lasts through to the end. Smoked in a Savinelli 321.
Fairly Excellent
January 05, 2015
Product: Sutliff D62 - Planters Punch Bulk
While I admit to not tasting or smelling all the flavours they packed into this blend, the coconut IS very pronounced. It is a smooth smoke and I recommend you try it. Update: Well, it's still good, but I don't rave about it anymore. Just dropped one... Read More
Not what I expected
September 02, 2012
Product: Sutliff D62 - Planters Punch Bulk
I think they tried to hard with this blend, I found it too syrupy I can't really explain it though at first I thought ot was okay but my opininion changed after 2 -3 bowls of it.