Dan Tobacco: Milonga 500g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-293-0029

Milonga from Dan Tobacco is a blend of sweet viriginia grades and extra smooth Black Cavendish seasoned with caramel and vanilla for a lingering aromatic smoke.
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  • Components: Virginia, Black Cavendish
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
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4.45 out of 5 stars
Very good!
May 28, 2014
Product: Dan Tobacco Milonga 50g
Great tasting quality aromatic in the vanilla/caramel family. No goop or chemical taste. Kinda like 1Q only better.
Let the dancing begin!
October 08, 2012
Product: Dan Tobacco Milonga 50g
An avid Da Vinci smoker, I sought an alternate smoke that would both add diversity to my palette menu, and serve as a go-to alternate, should suppliers run short on Da Vinci (and they often do). Milongo took my by surprise, with its soft caramel und... Read More
I found it
August 18, 2020
Product: Dan Tobacco Milonga 500g
I am a aromatic junkie and this is my crack.
Finally an Aromatic I Enjoy
June 19, 2018
Product: Dan Tobacco Milonga 50g
I normally smoke straight Virginia's, Vapers and English blends. This Aromatic is excellent. Not goopy at all. No dry time really needed. Delicious Caramel flavor with hints of Vanilla in the background. Highly recommend Milonga!
A good tobacco
May 27, 2018
Product: Dan Tobacco Milonga 50g
This is not an overpowering flavored blend. It has delicious caramel and vanilla flavors that come and go.
Excellent tin note
July 14, 2016
Product: Dan Tobacco Milonga 50g
This stuff smells excellent in the tin. It is one of the few aromatics I've smoked (English and non-aro smoker) that I can taste the flavors advertised. The tobacco quality is great and not goopy. Recommended!
One of my favorites.
December 13, 2012
Product: Dan Tobacco Milonga 500g
The smoke is great the aroma is just perfect , viginias and a bit of black cavandish was great then the lightly seasoning of the caramel and vanilla just made this as close to perfect as it gets, in my opinion.
Burns hot
March 06, 2024
Product: Dan Tobacco Milonga 50g
Even for an aromatic, this one burns Hot even when sipped. Very caramel tin note. Just too hot to the mouth, even enjoyed slowly. Heat overwhelms the taste. Pass
The Greatest Tobacco you Shouldn't Buy
October 02, 2023
Product: Dan Tobacco Milonga 50g
The Virginia leaves in this tin are perfectly highlighted rather than overruled by the flavor profiles involved. It's a splendid smoke, both for the smoker and those around when it's lit up. All that said, don't buy it. Because if you buy it, I can't... Read More
high quality tobacco
September 11, 2022
Product: Dan Tobacco Milonga 50g
Wonderful vanilla flavor from start to finish and the jar is fragrant. Tobacco quality is very good, should have used two different Virginia tobaccos with ribbon and chopped composition.
Pure goodness!!
August 10, 2022
Product: Dan Tobacco Milonga 50g
I read review after review looking for a new blend to try and decided I would try a few of Dan Tobacco products. Milonga was so good right out of the tin I packed and burned another! A great quality tobacco I am now best buddies with. Slid that sucke... Read More