Davidoff: Royalty 50g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-019-0008

A classic English with a beautifully refined flavor, Davidoff's Royalty is a blend of Mature Virginia and Oriental tobaccos spiced with a pinch of Latakia.

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  • Components: Virginia, Latakia, Orientals
  • Family: English
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (17 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.03 out of 5 stars
Perfectly balanced Latakia flavor
February 21, 2013
Product: Davidoff Royalty 50g
I am a recent convert from cigars. Though I've always had a pipe, I usually smoked tobacco with names like "Blackberry Cordial" -you get the idea. I recently smoked my friend's Dunhill Morning Pipe tobacco and loved it. This Davidoff Roy... Read More
My First Tobacco
June 26, 2019
Product: Davidoff Royalty 50g
So, I decided to start smoking a pipe. This tobacco sounded good. I bought a tin and a couple cobs, and gave it a whirl. It was apparently good, because I've been smoking a pipe every day since this showed up in the mail. Excellent flavor, great ... Read More
Quite Regal indeed
November 26, 2016
Product: Davidoff Royalty 50g
From my experience with tobacco, the word Royal lives in infamy. I have never tried a "Royal" blend and was satisfied, except for Royal Yacht of course. So, I was quite conservative while trying this out. It was under a scrutinizing test. A... Read More
It's right for me
March 11, 2020
Product: Davidoff Royalty 50g
Davidoff Royalty is a tobacco leaf English blend that I like the most
Not quite...
February 12, 2017
Product: Davidoff Royalty 50g
This is the first Davidoff tobacco blend I have tried. The smell out of the can had me pretty excited! Not overbearing with a sweet smell or underwhelming. After packing and charring light it had a pleasant taste for about half the bowl. After that t... Read More
November 06, 2023
Product: Davidoff Royalty 50g
Very close to English archetypal perfection. I've aged my current supply over three years and it is so beautiful, so nuanced, so complex. Highly recommend.
Top 3 pipe tobacco in my life.
June 07, 2023
Product: Davidoff Royalty 50g
균형 잡힌 좋은 맛으로 피는 내내 혀와 코가 즐거웠음. 너무 자극적이지도 않고 아주 맛있었음. 국내 판매가가 매우 높아 접근성이 안 좋은 것이 단점이지만, 여기 가격 정도라면 개인적 평으론 절하면서 사서 필 연초.
February 24, 2023
Product: Davidoff Royalty 50g
Fine English Blend
January 24, 2023
Product: Davidoff Royalty 50g
The blend is unique amongst the Davidoff series. it is a medium English blend focusing on the Virginia and Orientals with truely a pinch of Latakia. The Orientals add a nice simple spice that is well accented by the sublte sweetness of the Virgini... Read More
Great smoke
August 03, 2022
Product: Davidoff Royalty 50g
Great smoke for anyone who wants a well balanced English blend experience. Good for anytime of the day.
May 09, 2022
Product: Davidoff Royalty 50g
第一盒抽的时候很惊艳,那种L草独有的臭味,后来又囤了几盒,再抽就找不到这种感觉了,同理,教父L草也这样,咋回事呢? 整了个群,专门针对草友之间相互匀草而用,评价匀草,主要是自己抽不惯的匀给其他草友,所以不接受任何盈利的人士加入。来吧微信:b765e6
December 11, 2021
Product: Davidoff Royalty 50g
oui 9
September 15, 2021
Product: Davidoff Royalty 50g
Yeah ambassador for Davidoff. Nothing else to say. Such an amazing blend.
My new daily favorite
October 27, 2020
Product: Davidoff Royalty 50g
Excellent blend. Nice mellow and sweet with a nice hint of latakia. It's a perfect morning or midday smoke. No bite. I love it
First time across the pond!
July 15, 2020
Product: Davidoff Royalty 50g
This is my first experience with an English mixture, I find that it smells horrible when you open the tin, not sure if it’s the Oriental or the Latakia, but it stinks. I tried the tobacco anyway, and found that the smoke tastes and smells nothing lik... Read More
September 02, 2016
Product: Davidoff Royalty 50g
벨런스 좋고... 상당히 조화로운 맛.
so so
May 20, 2015
Product: Davidoff Royalty 50g
it is OK when you spend $10 on this, but in my country it cost $100 atin and onced opened what a dissapointment! You tend to smoke more of a lesser grade tobacco, so health wise this is also a bad bet.
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