Fribourg & Treyer: Waterloo No. 2 50g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-028-0001

Fribourg & Treyer was founded in 1720 with a pipe shop in the Haymarket area of London. The company catered to England's elite, including many royals through the centuries. Though Fribourg & Treyer closed in the 1980s, their legacy continues through a line of premium pipe tobacco, enthralling discerning pipe smokers worldwide.

Waterloo No. 2 mixture from Fribourg & Treyer is a mellow English blend of Virginias and Latakia in a ribbon cut.

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May 28, 2024
Product: Fribourg & Treyer Waterloo No. 2 50g
FT 滑铁卢2号 生草:少许烟熏与果香。 点火后:烟熏、酸梅子、糖浆、蜜香、炭火、一点花香和木质味。 口腔里面能感受到:果酸、偶尔会有咸口、蜜甜。 烟气方面:浓郁、柔顺,小口抽吸香气风味会比较干净,少许的烟熏感。 总的来说,这款草香气稳定,风味明显少了东方草的缘故,导致这款草可能缺少一点复杂的程度,会让人觉得没有太多可以探索的东西。简而言之,就是稍显单调。
All day.
February 12, 2018
Product: Fribourg & Treyer Waterloo No. 2 50g
Very well done and proper Latakia/ Virginia. Dunhill bb 1938 is said to be discontinued so this will cover my need for a Latakia/ Virginia blend. I would reccomend this to anyone looking for an anytime smoke they can always enjoy.
February 03, 2023
Product: Fribourg & Treyer Waterloo No. 2 50g
罐子很大,草在罐内是种比较松散的状态,湿度也适中,丝带裁切较工整但有一些叶梗,开罐闻起来很不错,是一股清甜花香V草的味道,可以看到仅有少量L草分布,V草应该是占主导地位的。没有过多醒草填了一斗,点火第一感觉这是一款极淡的拉草,主线是V草天然的甜配合少量L草的木质烟熏味,过鼻轻松无压力,抽惯了重拉的朋友可能会感觉不过瘾,我暂且把它当成调味V草来抽,比较适合新手入门或是刚接触拉草的同学。 Ps1:第二次抽时草醒的略干,也可能是换了深斗的原因,除了V草清香甜味,淡L的奶油曲奇香味也很容易捕捉,味道很... Read More
It's passable
December 31, 2018
Product: Fribourg & Treyer Waterloo No. 2 50g
I've had one or two other English blends without Orientals before trying this one, so I had some expectations about what this blend would be like. It didn't really meet them, and while this blend is not bad at all it's just a bit...underwhelming. T... Read More
Expect a fine and balanced smoke
February 23, 2019
Product: Fribourg & Treyer Waterloo No. 2 50g
I was looking forward to trying this after liking 34th mixture so much. It too is subtlety mastered. This is a desert island quality blend. Adore it.