Germain: Bridge: Old Brown Flake 50g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-030-0014

A blend of sweet, savory Virginias, Germain's Bridge Old Brown Flake offers a smoke with notes of grassiness and spice.

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April 17, 2024
Product: Germain Bridge: Old Brown Flake 50g
日耳曼 老棕片 点火后:会有明显的青草味,果酸味强劲,过鼻会有烟熏,也偶尔会有咸口。它有着非常清新的果味。持续的抽吸,烟熏感会慢慢的加强。劲道也会明显。他的这款草让我想起了GH的一款。棕色爱尔兰X。就是十分纯粹的烟草风味。不时,尼古丁和烟碱含量就会加高,期间出现了坚果的香气与回甘。尾段烟气开始变得柔顺,出现焦香,果甜开始发散,在舌尖能很好的品尝到。那么开始出现了些许香料味儿,是类似于肉桂的香气。并伴有一些烤谷物的味道。总的来说,这款草我终于知道为什么叫他老棕片的,因为它确实有古老斗草的风格。很... Read More
Classic old British blend
July 01, 2023
By: PD
Product: Germain Bridge: Old Brown Flake 50g
I purchase two tins from 2016. (Lovely old square tin) and have now finally opened the second one. It's a soft and full blend. Broken brown flakes. I've never found any virginia blend that smokes so easily, without sharpness or unwanted heat. The ... Read More
Great Virginia
November 16, 2023
Product: Germain Bridge: Old Brown Flake 50g
This is a good Virginia blend though I don’t quite understand the extreme appeal of these blends. This tastes like white pepper and olive oil and maybe some sort of fruit in the very back, a very savory blend that burns very well with maybe 10-15 min... Read More