Mac Baren: Norwood 100g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-039-0032

Carefully matured, earthy Burleys are combined with just the right amount of ripe Virginias to create Norwood by Mac Baren. This mellow blend has a pleasing aroma and more natural taste than most aromatics.

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Beautiful Burley Bliss..
May 20, 2018
Product: Mac Baren Norwood 100g
This is a delicious, offering from Mac Baren. The tin note has the noticeable hints of chocolate, molasses, as well that lovely little sour note that high quality Burley blends tend to have. Since Burley flakes are my go to, all time favorite, this ... Read More
August 19, 2018
Product: Mac Baren Norwood 100g
Absolutely delicious. I'm not a huge burley fan but Norwood is more than a typical burley tobacco. It has the molasses flavor and some chocolate hints, but it's smooth, deep and very satisfying.
Delightful Burley !
October 02, 2013
Product: Mac Baren Norwood 100g
Best burley blend on the market. Very satisfying. Classic nutty flavor.