Rattray's: No. 7 Reserve 50g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-055-0034

This all-day tobacco is of the same quality and grade as Red Rapparee, with this difference: the proportions of Virginia, Oriental, and a touch of Latakia, have been adjusted in No. 7 Reserve to suit the all day smoker.
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The Hidden Gem of the Rattray's Line
April 22, 2022
Product: Rattray's No. 7 Reserve 100g
7 Reserve gets overlooked, I think, because the description cannot help but give the impression that this is Red Rapparee Light, which it most definitely is not. All the notes are there, but the change in component proportions significantly alters th... Read More
Liking it more and more
September 28, 2019
Product: Rattray's No. 7 Reserve 100g
So after a few days of trying this blend I really like it.
April 02, 2015
Product: Rattray's No. 7 Reserve 100g
not much flavor burns well a little tongue bite