Warped: Until the End 2oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-851-0005

Known for their boutique, Cuban-style cigars, Warped is curated and supervised by founder Kyle Gellis, an entrepreneur and lover of all things bespoke and luxurious. He has a taste for finery and approaches his ventures with rigorous standards of perfection that are applied to the slightest of subtleties. Such a mindset translated naturally when Warped expanded into pipe tobaccos in 2019, seeing Kyle Gellis collaborate with Cornell & Diehl's Jeremy Reeves to create nuanced blends, marked by quality components and intriguing flavor profiles that align with Warped's "be exclusively different" mantra.

Joining Warped's selection of pipe tobaccos, Gellis and Reeves present Warped's Until the End as a regular production mixture. The blend's moniker is taken from one of Kyle's high-end wines, with a matching logo inspired by the loyalty of the Cane Corso dog breed that accompanied Roman legionnaires. Like the Napa Valley red, Until the End pipe tobacco is fragrant, comforting, mellow, and rich — a broken flake boasting a combination of top-grade Sun Grown Ecuadorian cigar leaf, Virginias, the same cigar leaf Cavendish used in Kings Stride, and a specially selected Dark Fired Kentucky grade that's a tad less smoky than normal varieties. Also like the wine blend that shares its name, Until the End delivers deep, robust, and earthy flavors, sure to be a loyal companion from the charring light onward.

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  • Components: Virginia, Dark Fired Kentucky, Cigar, Black Cavendish
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Broken Flake
Customer Reviews (29 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.31 out of 5 stars
The Best of The Line
April 28, 2020
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
The reviews for Warped’s line of tobaccos have been universal acclaim and this one is the best yet. As a current cigar and pipe smoker the blends are perfect for me. Beautiful, dark flakes with a good amount of moisture. The cigar leaf adds a really ... Read More
May 13, 2020
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
Bold but full of flavor. Don't let the words Cigar Leaf keep you from trying this. The Cigar Leaf is exceptionally mild. The Cavendish really takes this to a different level of smoothness. Subtle sweetness but from the Virginia, no added sugar casing... Read More
Absolutely amazing!
May 15, 2020
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
I am an avid cigar and pipe smoker. This blend has bridged the gap for both of my loves. I haven't been able to set my pipe down since receiving this blend (maybe being quarantined is the issue). Its a wonderful dark blend that just has a hint of swe... Read More
May 08, 2020
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
I read Adam's review and he pretty much nailed it. I LOVE this blend! It's perfect in flavor, strength, it's cut and it's all day smoke ability. I didn't expect this to be so good, but I'm pleasantly surprised. My only complaint is that they need... Read More
August 08, 2020
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
I’'ll be ordering this again soon as I've already smoked half the tin within the first week.. This was good right away. The cigar leaf really compliments everything else. The aroma is uniquely sweet the flavors are robust from the cigar. This one wil... Read More
A good blend, but I'm not in love
February 02, 2021
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
As much as I like some other blends from Warped I'm just not wowed by this one. Don't get me wrong; I don't hate this. It just isn't one I'm going to love and have around.
Dark Chocolate
February 01, 2021
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
The tin note is an extraordinary imitation of chocolate. In the bowl, very smooth cool smoke with a dry earthy Maduro aftertaste. Notes of bread, hay, coffee, cocoa, amaretto. It starts out smooth and has a red wine like dry note, but it quickly deve... Read More
Warped Until the End
September 15, 2020
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
This is my second time buying this wonderful blend of high quality tobaccos and cigar leaves. moderate strength of thick smoke softens on exhalation and adds different shades to the main aroma ... I like it!
May 31, 2020
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
Excellent blend. the cigar leaf is very creamy and smooth. The dark fired adds a surprisingly mild amount of Smokey spice that perfectly compliments the cigar leaf cavendish. Notes of coffee, nougat and some of that Virginia hay on the finish. Grea... Read More
Great Tobacco
May 30, 2020
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
Tasted great from the first light! Definitely ordering more!
May 09, 2020
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
I've only given a few 5/5 reviews in my years of smoking pipe tobacco, and this tobacco is more than deserving. I was honestly blown away by how good it is. Adam said it quite well, but I find words cannot even describe this tobacco accurately, it is... Read More
Decent, but better in a blend
August 25, 2023
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
From many other tobaccos that I tried, this one didn't draw my particular attention... But once I tried to mix it with another unremarkable tobacco - Rustica by Mac baren - and OMG! Perfect experience! Great smoke! Really - sweet, sour, peppery, savo... Read More
June 03, 2023
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
当我第一次品尝warpde的斗草时我就喜欢上了它,不单单是因为它加入雪茄叶的缘故。好吧,我承认是的,我喜欢加了雪茄叶的混合;雪茄叶让它有力量又醇厚,不是那种傻大憨粗的,而是绅士暖男的感觉。 打开盒子,你可以闻到黑麦面包的味道,那种可以看到黑麦颗粒的面包,它非常香。点着它,他就那样不瘟不火的样子,没有甜起码在前十分钟我没有感受到。烟雾轻盈,有这中等偏上的强度,非常适合成熟的男性,因为他们懂得什么是品味。鼻腔有一点青稞的味道。口腔里舌尖上偶尔会有一种感觉,像是男孩子第一次吃秋刀鱼的成熟味道。15分钟... Read More
March 07, 2023
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
store this in glass jar and smoke it after a month. this will show you a heaven
you have to aging this
March 06, 2023
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
when i smoked this first time, it taste not good. but a month later, it taste amazing
February 15, 2023
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
A well blended treat for cigar and pipe lovers
December 06, 2022
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
This is one well blended tobacco. Fantastic for both cigar and pipe smokers. As you reach about 50% of the bowl the cigar notes really come out for a nice finish. It's smooth and smokey. One of my favorites.
shade grown leaf
October 14, 2022
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
contains Shade Grown leaf, not Sun Grown. too bitter fir my taste.
August 26, 2022
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
Best cigar blend I've tried. Their is no casein and the cigar Cavendish is magical stuff. This blend reminds me of mad fiddler flake. But with no casein and more Cavendish foreword.
Great aroma, but little taste
August 11, 2022
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
I'm also a cigar smoker so I was excited to try this. The aroma of the tobacco is amazing. I just wish it had taste to go along with it.
Wasn’t for me
June 29, 2022
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
Take my review with a grain of salt, Im no expert but I know what I like. Maybe my palette isn’t sophisticated enough to appreciate this blend but Its the first tin I’ve bought that I couldn't finish. I don’t have the patience to age something Im tr... Read More
until the end
June 11, 2022
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
I do love this blend.it's really like the test when you smoke a un cuba cigar. with sweet,coco,coffee. a cigar players must try this one
The Most Cigar Tasting Tobacco Yet. if only it would burn properly.
May 21, 2021
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
Too wet, even after 30 seconds in the microwave, Too coarsely cut, impossible to rub out. Utter dog s**t. It went into the trashcan. Don't waste your money or frustrate yourself. Buy Billy Budd.
January 20, 2021
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
This and the other Warped blends I have tried have made it to my top list. I can't go wrong choosing one of their tins.
Very good
December 28, 2020
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
wow, how delicious !!!
A Cane Corso In Tobacco Form
November 15, 2020
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
Tobacco blending master Kyle Gellis had it right when his marketing used the famous battle dog of Roman Legionnaires—the feared Cane Corso—in the logo for this blend, now my preferred Warped tobacco product. For along with my favorite blender, Cornel... Read More
Great for a Change
November 01, 2020
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
I thoroughly enjoyed this, uniquetasting (cavendished cigar leaf !) The middle to finish wine/tannic taste is real and enjoyable. Had it with Scotch and they really complimented each other. Recommended!
June 28, 2020
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
Dark fired heavens. Robust. A really great smoke and my favourite blend with cigar leaves.
Damn good stuff
May 22, 2020
Product: Warped Until the End 2oz
One of my favorite blends so far. The Virginia overpowers the tin note (in a good way), but not the flavor of the smoke itself. Nic-hit is on the heavier side. Burns better than any other baccy I've tried. Will be buying more and looking at Warped's ... Read More
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