Warped: Kings Stride 2oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-851-0002

Rich... Regal Louisiana Perique commands attention as deep, complex notes of dark fruit and chocolate envelop the palate.

Poised... With balance and grace, the flavors of fine Virginia leaf and alluring, matured Burley enhance the Perique's lavish character.

Elegant... A sumptuous selection of cigar leaf, pressed and steamed into an exquisite Cavendish, bestows unsurpassed delicacy and mystique.

Known for their boutique, Cuban-style cigars, Warped is curated and supervised by founder Kyle Gellis, an entrepreneur and lover of all things bespoke and luxurious. He has a taste for finery and approaches his ventures with rigorous standards of perfection that are applied to the slightest of subtleties. Such a mindset translated naturally when Warped expanded into pipe tobaccos in 2019, seeing Kyle Gellis collaborate with Cornell & Diehl's Jeremy Reeves to create nuanced blends, marked by quality components and intriguing flavor profiles that align with Warped's "be exclusively different" mantra.

Joining Warped's selection of pipe tobaccos, Gellis and Reeves present Warped's Kings Stride as a regular production mixture. The blend's moniker is taken from one of Kyle's high-end wines, with matching logo. Like the Cabernet Sauvignon, Kings Stride pipe tobacco is rich, poised, and elegant — a crumble cake boasting a combination of Louisiana Perique, five year-aged Burley, and a unique Cavendish comprised of pressed and steamed cigar leaf, for a natural profile that's free of added flavor to showcase the quality tobaccos' inherent notes.

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  • Components: Virginia, Perique, Burley, Black Cavendish
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Cake
Customer Reviews (29 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.45 out of 5 stars
November 29, 2019
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
Definitely get the Perique in the tin note. Cashew like Burley as well as a fermented subtle fruitiness from the Perique with some coffee bean like cigar notes is what I taste mainly in the beginning. The cigar cavendish is very interesting as the ... Read More
Best in class
December 17, 2019
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
‘s Cloud Hopper, and GL Pease’s Robusto and Key Largo, in that order. All are 5-star winners for me, but King’s Stride is in a class of its own. It is a balanced blend, as are the Pease blends, but the cigar leaf still takes a starring role, though n... Read More
Not a cigar but damn close
December 27, 2019
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
This stuff is good I'm smoking a pipe full as I'm typing this and it's just so unique the perique and burley give it that peppery mouth feel reminiscent of a cigar the Virginia is there bringing some sweet but the star of this show is the cigar leaf ... Read More
November 30, 2019
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
A rich full flavor. All the tobaccos work together perfectly. There’s the fruity note of the Perique with a slight nuttiness of the burley married together with the Virginia. Behind that is the cigar flavor just strong enough to enhance the blend wit... Read More
Different but interesting
December 23, 2019
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
Oh boy. Just got my tin in the mail. Cracked it open and whoosh! STRONG smell of aged blue cheese and toe cheese. This aint for newbies or captain black lovers... Sliced some off the cake and rubbed it out, dried on paper 15 minutes. Loaded up my &... Read More
August 08, 2020
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
In the beginning I wasn’t sure until I got about halfway through the bowl and then it really opened up and the complexity of the blends really started to marry very well. A very good even mixture of all blends with a nice subtle sweetness way in the ... Read More
الهدوء العميق
March 21, 2021
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
هادئ لدرجة انك لا تسمع الا صوت انفاسك,دخان بارد حتى عندما تخرجه من الانف, الرماد ابيض الى رمادي خفيف, يعطي طعم الفواكة مع قليل من الكاكاو, لا يسبب لدغة اللسان
A real treat
February 02, 2021
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
This stuff is really amazing. Thick full smoke and a decadent flavor. I just wish the flavor was stronger. A wonderful experience that I may revisit occasionally, but a not a regular or a favorite smoke for me.
Where to begin?
January 20, 2021
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
This has become a favorite of mine. It really grew on me more and more now I cant live without it.
The Emperor’s Old Clothes Are Still...Those Of An Emperor
November 19, 2020
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
The medieval king’s ermine robes might carry a cheesy scent, but he sure walks with a proud regal gait! Somehow I thought my first impression of the tin note would be original in stating that it smelled of Roquefort cheese, and maybe even Limburge... Read More
July 11, 2020
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
Out of all the smokes I have tried, this is favorite. From the taste, to the texture...supreme. Thanks for selling this one.
June 11, 2020
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
This is a very unique, great tasting blend! Kyle and Jeremy were spot on! Unless you have dead taste buds, you can’t go wrong with Kings Stride. WOW!
Nothing like it
April 28, 2020
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
Now, I've smoked a fair bit of blends, so it's possible there is something out there like this, but I have yet to experience it. It's odd how chocolaty it smells, and as far as I know it's not an aromatic! The flavor throughout the bowl is fairly con... Read More
Don't judge by the smell
February 06, 2020
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
I don't know if its just me but the tin note smells slightly like vomit, HOWEVER, it is very delicious and complex. Every few puffs you will get this sweet aromatic flavor I assume from the BC and it melds wonderfully. I would like to see this partic... Read More
First Puff to ...
January 14, 2020
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
Smooth and yummy first puff to the last. Fill your bowl and kick back and enjoy!
April 30, 2024
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
One of the best cigar falavour mixture
5 Stars- Dark, Sweet, Complex
January 15, 2024
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
I don't write many reviews. This is a stellar tobacco. The strength of the burley is balanced perfectly with the cavendish. The spice of the perique is merged perfect with the deep sweetness of the red virginias, and made complex with the subtle spic... Read More
Afternoon Delight
November 05, 2023
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
King’s Stride is one my favorite go to afternoon blends. It’s bright and sparkling with a citrusy note in the retrohale. But the cigar leaf gives it a certain earthiness.
My Desert Island Blend
July 16, 2023
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
I would be happy on a desert island with any of Warped baccy's but, this one is my desert island blend! I'm smoked most of the unicorns and this is still my choice! Just amazing! Complex, smooth, creamy, and delicious! The tin note might throw you of... Read More
Desert Island
June 24, 2023
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
I could smoke this the rest of my life and be happy! Warped is going down as one of the all time greats! This is in my top 5 and i've tried just about everything. Creamy and smooth, behaves extremely well, and tastes even better! Few if any relights.... Read More
March 14, 2023
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
It took me a while to find a pipe tha worked well with this one, but once found, it's a extremely interesting tobacco. Has some dryness and depth of taste. Brilliant tin note
Perfect for the cigar aficionado
March 07, 2023
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
I've got friends who prefer cigars over pipes and this one was a purchase intended to win them over in occasion. Turns out I'm a fan as well.
Good all day smoke
February 25, 2023
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
It's a pretty solid smoke. Mild to medium in body. Medium in taste. Flavoring is mild. Nice room note.
In a Category of Its Own
July 21, 2022
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
Probably because of the cigar leaf Cavendish, this blend is unlike any other tobacco. It has notes I didn’t know I would want in my tobacco: peanut and a savory sour cream quality. The aged burley adds depth and a density in the mouthfeel, which is v... Read More
King of the sewer.
September 19, 2021
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
It just smells god-awful and fresh tin smoking IS NOT recommended. Give it time to meld the flavors a little better, because it tastes like vomit from fresh out of the tin, a few months really mellows that flavor down to only smelling like vomit and ... Read More
One of my favorites
May 24, 2021
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
Kings Stride is a very unique pipe tobacco. It finds a way to bring out the vegetal, soil flavors of the perique without being too strong. The burley and cigar leaf cavendish add character and complimenting flavors. If you want a unique unflavored to... Read More
If this was a cigar I would still smoke cigars
August 05, 2020
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
Really rich creamy cigar like without the overpowering taste of most cigar blends Some interesting cheese flavors that would be great with a glass of red wine or to smoke at the cigar bar with friends, where cigar smoke might ruin another pipe blend... Read More
I Dunno
May 27, 2020
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
This stuff smells so interesting in the tin. I should have listened to another reviewer who said this tastes like cheese. It tastes like I just bit off a giant chunk of parmesan and sloshed it around in my mouth for an hour. This is going into a d... Read More
5 star blend would give a 10.
March 03, 2020
Product: Warped Kings Stride 2oz
Perique is my favorite style tobacco. The cigar leaf and tobacco's in this blend are very high quality. My favorite blend. When in stock I will buy
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