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With a strikingly organic artistic vision and a masterful understanding of his medium, Kei’ichi Gotoh is able to achieve what only the greatest sculptors can. He is able to imbue his creations with a sense of motion, an effortless fluid motion stemming out of subtle curves seamlessly bending, twisting, and flowing into and out of one another. Kei’ichi Gotoh blends this most organic aesthetic with an exceptional sense of geometrical proportion and balance, respecting the beauty of clear, straight lines. Consequently, a Gotoh pipe often has an intense dynamic tension that pervades the whole work. Gotoh is able to innovatively reinterpret Classical and high grade Danish forms by understanding, perhaps intuitively, the subtle geometry that undergirds all sculpture. Complimenting this astonishing artistic creativity in form is Gotoh’s masterful engineering, outstanding bamboo work, and an eye for the most fitting accentuation.

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