The Spookiest Pipes, Tobaccos, and Cigars Available This Halloween

The Spookiest Pipes, Tobaccos, and Cigars Available This Halloween

Halloween: that time of the year when the witches, ghosts, ghouls, and haunts are at the forefront of everyone's mind. We here at Smokingpipes are fans of the macabre, sinister, and altogether frightening, making Halloween something of an event around the office. As such, we thought it'd be appropriate to highlight some of the spooky offerings on our site for those who share our collective admiration for the unnerving.

Below are some of our most delightfully spine-chilling products.

Peterson Dracula Pipes

Peterson Dracula Tobacco Pipes

Introduced in 2012, Peterson's Dracula series, in keeping with the Irish marque's penchant for honoring works of classic literature, celebrates Bram Stoker's iconic novel and its titular figure. The Dracula series provides classic Peterson shapes in a striking color palette comprising a jet-black stain, a blood-red acrylic stem, and a bright nickel accent.

Peterson Jekyll & Hyde Pipes

Peterson Jekyll & Hyde Tobacco Pipes

In 2015, following the success of their Dracula series, Peterson released the Jekyll & Hyde line as an homage to Robert Louis Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1886). In the novella, Dr. Jekyll and his evil alter ego Mr. Hyde represent the duality of man, and Peterson's series honors this thematic interplay by dressing each Jekyll & Hyde pipe in two distinctive finishes – a smooth, ruby-tinged stain adorns one half of the stummel, while a dark, craggy rustication envelopes the other.

Peterson Halloween Pipes

Peterson Halloween 2022 Tobacco Pipes

Peterson's Halloween series celebrates the changing of the seasons and the hair-raising festivities associated with autumn. For 2022, the Halloween series presents some of Peterson's most iconic shapes in a seasonally appropriate color palette comprising a cauldron-black sandblast, a flashy nickel mount, and a fishtail stem of pumpkin-orange acrylic.

Peterson Halloween 2022 Tobacco Pipes

Rattray's Samhain Pipes

Rattray's Samhain Tobacco Pipes

Rattray's Samhain series commemorates the Gaelic holiday marking the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter. Samhain starts properly on November 1st, but the festivities begin on the night of October 31st, falling halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. The Scottish marque's Samhain line comprises pipes in an extra-dark sandblast, contrasted by a metallic accent band and an acrylic stem of either black and scarlet hues or black and green hues. Additionally, the rim is smoothly polished and stained to harmonize with the stem.

Rattray's Goblin Pipes

Rattray's Goblin Tobacco Pipes

In European folklore, goblins are ghoulish, often grotesque, impish creatures intent on mischief. Rattray's line of the same name forgoes such fiendish traits, sharing only the mythical beasts' small stature. The series presents a variety of short, compact pipes of Nosewarmer dimensions in an array of handsome finishes.

AKB Meerschaum Pipes

AKB Meerschaum Tobacco Pipes

While AKB doesn't offer a series of pipes that directly celebrate Halloween, many of the Turkish workshop's figural designs perfectly capture the otherworldly aura of the autumnal season. Intricately carved from meerschaum, a porous, heat resistant material prized for its flavor-neutral smoking properties and patination capabilities, AKB's pipes manifest a variety of eerie forms, with dragon claws, skulls, demons, and devils among the workshop's myriad offerings.

Cornell & Diehl Pipe Tobaccos

Cornell & Diehl Pipe Tobaccos

Cornell and Diehl's pipe tobaccos are celebrated by pipe smokers everywhere, and for good reason, as the blending house offers a vast portfolio of high-quality mixtures blended by hand using time-honored methods. Named after the famous novel written by Christopher Morley, Haunted Bookshop is among C&D's most popular and celebrated mixtures, its expert combination of fine Virginias, nutty Burley, and spicy Perique offering the perfect flavor profile for the autumn season. Haunted Bookshop is also presented in crumble cake form, providing all the benefits of the pressing process — including increased aging potential and an enhanced melding of flavors.

Similarly, the Cornell and Diehl's Old Ones line offers a number of sophisticated blends to delight and titillate. As can likely be guessed by its name, each release in the series takes inspiration from an aspect of H.P. Lovecraft's literary canon, doing so with names like Awakened Elder, Dreams of Kadath, Innsmouth, and Visions of Celephaïs.

Cornell And Diehl the Old Ones Pipe Tobacco

Black Label Trading Company Bishops Blend 2022 Cigars

Black Label Trading Company Bishops Blend Cigars

Black Label Trading Company's Bishops Blend leans heavily into company founder James Brown's macabre aesthetic, making for a cigar that's perfect for the Halloween season. With a closed foot, a pointed cap, and a skull graphic along the band, this cigar is visually arresting and composed of an Ecuadorian Habano Maduro wrapper and an Ecuadorian Habano binder encasing a mixture of Broadleaf fillers from Connecticut, Nicaragua, and Pennsylvania. It offers a flavor profile defined by notes of sweet chocolate and peppery steak, culminating in a delightful smoke that pleases the palate.

Crowned Heads Las Calaveras 2022 Cigars

Crowned Heads Las Calaveras 2022 Cigars

Named for the Spanish term for "the skulls" and inspired by the Day of the Dead festival, Crowned Heads' limited-edition Las Calaveras cigar is one of the company's most anticipated yearly releases, now in its ninth iteration since debuting in 2014. Like the holiday, the line honors people close to Crowned Heads who have passed away, with each annual edition marked by a different blend and color palette. The 2022 version, as with its predecessors, is made in Estelí, Nicaragua, by the Garcia family at My Father Cigars, and is a Nicaraguan puro with a Corojo '99 wrapper — the first Las Calaveras release to showcase such a wrapper.

Crowned Heads Las Calaveras 2022 Cigars

Les Fines Lames Skull Cutter

Cutters & Accessories: Les Fines Lames Le Petit Cigar Cutter Brass Skulls

Meaning "fine blades" in French, Les Fines Lames cigar cutters are designed in Marseilles and fashioned in Thiers, the French capital of cutlery. Incredibly practical and of unparalleled quality, these cigar cutters combine the utility of a pocket knife with the attributes of a cigar cutter, resulting in a design destined for every-day-carry. Not only are these cutters the pinnacle of craftsmanship, but they are visually striking, their aesthetics befitting of their quality. This particular cutter is perfect for Halloween, as it features macabre skulls etched into the knife's brass handle.

La Palina Kill Bill Lighters

La Palina Kill Bill Lighters

La Palina's Kill Bill cigar lighters feature an appropriately macabre aesthetic for the Halloween season, displaying an image of La Palina's founder Bill Paley with his eyes crossed out for errierly dramatic effect. Presented in a variety of sinister colors, these lighters are additionally quite practical, as they boast three torch jets, a visible fuel gauge, and a fold-out cigar punch.

There you have it, the most chilling products we offer here at Smokingpipes. While this list focuses exclusively on treats (and we do certainly hope you treat yourself), it's always good to remember what this time of the year is all about: the tricks, the costumes, and most of all, those ominous things that go bump in the night.

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    • B. Erik K on October 30, 2022
    • Thanks for the mention of the C&D Old Ones…I find this time of year particularly well suited for The aroma of Mad Fiddler flake. Amazing stuff and superbly unique. With that, I’m going to retire to the porch with a bowl of said flake in my Peterson Halloween pipe and a immerse myself in some Lovecraft short stories. Happy Halloween y’all.

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