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The history of Gran Habano Cigars is indelibly tied to the Rico family, whose introduction to the tobacco industry dates back to 1920, when Guillermo Rico's grandfather began cultivating dark tobacco. It's been a family affair ever since, from grandfather to father to son and, now, to grandson, as Guillermo and his son, George, manage the company together. Manufactured in Danlí, Honduras, Gran Habano cigars are expertly crafted from a tradition that has spanned four generations. Such a legacy has been built upon honesty and a passion for cigars, continually striving for the highest quality leaf and production, and made apparent by the brands top three long-filler cigars: Gran Habano #1, Gran Habano #3, and Gran Habano #5. They are cigars ranging from mellow to full-bodied, respectively, and have become the heart and soul of the Gran Habano brand. One of the most underrated brands on the market, Gran Habano offers exceptionally crafted cigars at competitive prices, making them a top choice for cigar enthusiasts everywhere.

Gran Habano
Churchill #1

$6.20 $5.90

Gran Habano
Churchill #5

$7.00 $6.30

Gran Habano
Corojo #5 Czar

$8.40 $7.60

Gran Habano
Gran Robusto #1

$6.00 $5.70

Gran Habano
Gran Robusto #5

$6.00 $5.40

Gran Habano
Imperiales #5

$7.40 $6.70

Gran Habano
Pyramid #1

$6.50 $6.15

Gran Habano
Pyramid #5

$7.30 $6.55

Gran Habano
Rothchild #5

$6.00 $5.40

Gran Habano
Triumph #5

$7.80 $7.10