Tabac De La Semois: Les Bouchons (Box of 10) Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-666-0005

While process does play a factor in a tobacco's flavor — such as Latakia's smoked process and Perique's fermentation — growing region is also incredibly significant. The French refer to this phenomenon of natural elements affecting flavor characteristics as terroir, and it's an important aspect of other natural pleasures like wine, whiskey, and coffee, as well as tobacco. Consider, for example, the grassy sweetness of American Virginias versus the earthy tang of Turkish Orientals even despite similar curing processes.

Semois is a tobacco varietal defined by its terroir. A rarer varietal than the likes of Burley, Virginia, and others, Semois is grown exclusively in the Belgian valley for which it's named, and unlike other tobacco growing regions, the Semois Valley is a narrow floodplain shrouded by mist and flanked by shady riverbanks. Its tobacco tradition dates back to the 1850s when Joseph Pierret first planted tobacco in the valley even though the Semois was considered unsuitable for such cultivation; however, the land produced a unique varietal that by the 1890s was celebrated across Europe.

Today, that tobacco tradition is continued by Vincent Manil and his family, producing pipe tobacco and cigars alike composed of Semois tobacco. Offered here are the ever-unique Les Bouchons: Translating to "Cork" in French, the Les Bouchons are rolled like a cigar but are designed to be smoked in a pipe. After the flattened base of the Bouchon is lightly moistened on the tongue, it's seated snugly into a pipe chamber with a twist, and the top is cut with a shallow "X" before being lit. Light the Bouchon in the same manner as a full chamber of pipe tobacco, and enjoy the distinctive, one-of-a-kind smoking experience of aged Semois tobacco.

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January 01, 2023
Product: Tabac De La Semois Les Bouchons (Box of 10)
Box note of earthy, and mild vegetation. Tobacco tiny doorknob shaped cigar like smokable plug for a pipe. Medium brown and very dry, misted with water so I could handle it to insert into a pipe. I cut a cross in the top to get air flow. Burns slow w... Read More
An Interesting Novelty
March 26, 2023
Product: Tabac De La Semois Les Bouchons (Box of 10)
I should state first that I do enjoy Semois tobacco, but I found this smoking experience a bit unpleasant. The most accurate taste description I can offer is that of a cigar nub that has started to become a bit acrid. The first few puffs are nice, bu... Read More
就是说 啥时候再上架一点啊
February 22, 2023
Product: Tabac De La Semois Les Bouchons (Box of 10)
很难受 坐等这个和海棍
2 boxes
August 11, 2022
Product: Tabac De La Semois Les Bouchons (Box of 10)
What happens if only two boxes?