G. L. Pease: Temple Bar 2oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-029-0091

Rich, ripe red and sweet golden Virginia tobaccos are generously spiced with fine, fragrant Orientals and enhanced with a delicate touch of Perique for a bit of added depth and complexity. The leaf is carefully layered and pressed for a fortnight into large cakes, which are then cut into bars and tinned, ready to be sliced and rubbed out as desired for your ultimate smoking pleasure.

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  • Components: Virginia, Perique, Orientals
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Plug
Customer Reviews (22 Total)
Overall Rating:
3.43 out of 5 stars
Excellent tobacco, but read on..
February 13, 2019
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
I first bought a tin in 2016 and loved it. Hands down one of my favourite smokes, but about a month or so after opening it, there was a mold issue. I was devastated that I'd lost my favourite smoke. I'd have rather gotten back with my ex than lose my... Read More
Loved it. But...
September 10, 2016
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
This blend smoked wonderfully. The sourness of the Orientals was pleasing from beginning to end. Unfortunately, there is a mold issue. The first time it happened I wrote it off. But now I'm convinced there's a problem. Three tins developed mold befor... Read More
One of my top smokes...
July 13, 2020
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
Okay, so I'm a sucker for a good Oriental blend and this tobacco is just about perfect to scratch that itch. Also, I have a special place in my heart for plugs, so this was a match made in... the Lesser Key of Solomon? Others have said that the Red a... Read More
Interesting Experience, and a Strange Brew
August 15, 2018
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
A fellow piper gave me a tin of this stuff from 2015, and it was amazing; almost like McClelland 24; it was dark in color, rich in oriental flavor and delicious Virginias, with just the right amount of condiment Perique. Naturally, I wanted more, so ... Read More
Not What I Thought
July 26, 2016
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
It was not as I had thought it would be. It was somewhat one dimensional and flavorless near the end. Though not at all bad, I probably would not buy another.
Barnyard goodness
April 28, 2021
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
No mold. That was a good start. On a barnyard scale of 1-10, the tin note is a strong 7. My tin did not smoke to the description. It smoked like a full bodied cigar. Kick back and relax. Not an all day smoke. Strength was 3 stars, room note was 5, t... Read More
Another winner
October 16, 2016
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
Smoking this slowly,fully rubbed out.Some sweetness shows it's self,and the perique giving signs of life here and there.I can't seem to find anything bad to say about these blends.Just get it up to temperature,and flavors will come out.
August 01, 2016
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
Needs to be aged for at least another 6 months. A bit of a tongue bite and had too re-light a few times. Don't know what the hipe is on this blend. I'm not impressed. Will try again after I age mine!!!
very nice!
November 18, 2022
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
Tin note of spices, stewed Rasins/figs, and mild lemon. The brown, light brown and black tobacco plugs aren't moist enough to warrant drying. Tobacco plugs need sliced with a razor or sharp knife and rubbed out. Burns slow with a few relights. The st... Read More
September 11, 2022
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
I saw the negative reviews and almost didnt go for it. However, im very happy i went through with it, its got amazing flavor of an earthy natural and smooth flavor. The best way for me to describe it is if you have ever had Salty Dogs by Dan tobacc... Read More
Best Oriental
August 27, 2022
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
The Virginia and Oriental play equal parts with a bit of perique spice. Medium strength.
Sweet nuance
March 10, 2022
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
Delicious, sweet, tangy with floral nuances. It's a wonderful smoke that delights my taste buds. Not too much nicotine. just enough. can take a few relights but that doesn't bother me since this is a tobacco I like to sit down with and give my attent... Read More
Mold issue
April 01, 2021
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
This blend sounds delicious, but as other reviewers mention there is a serious quality control issue. The tin I opened within a week of delivery had a thin layer of mold growing on it. At this time, I suggest avoiding this tobacco.
August 24, 2018
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
Really Enjoying this Plug. So much in fact I can’t stop reordering it. The flavors are strong, full bodied tobacco flavor. I love this In the morning with my Coffee. Really has become a favorite of mine.
Excellent! A Favorite
June 09, 2018
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
This blend competes for my number 1 favorite along with escudo. When you open a tin you’re greeted by a familiar raisin’y plum smell common in VaPer blends. It comes in a loose leaf plug. I recommend slicing it thin rather than rubbing it out as it w... Read More
My wife approves.
June 01, 2018
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
I normally smoke English/Balkan blends and my wife is far from keen on the room note. However, the first time I lit this up she commented on how sweet it smelt and what a pleasant change it was from my usual blends. It is sweet and smoked slowly and ... Read More
Nice To See More Plugs on the Market!
February 26, 2018
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
This one is quite good. The tin note is spectacular! This is as close to a proper plug as it gets in the US market, I think we lack the proper machinery to make a plug similar to the traditional European style but this gets an A+ for effort, it's jus... Read More
Pure Tobacco Flavor
December 22, 2016
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
I can not detect any sweetness in this blend. The Red Virgina and Orientals shine through but the Perique is barely noticeable. Ageing should bring out the sweet Yellow Virginia a tad more. There is almost a cigar like quality to this pure unadulter... Read More
Post Cumberland, Prelude to Jackknife plug and ready rubbed.
July 20, 2016
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
This medium but bold blend, starts off subtle like Cumberland, but has the taste of Jackknife plug, and is similar to Jackknife Ready Rubbed(the ready rubbed to me is a bit milder than the plug). It's not strong, but either enough strength and taste ... Read More
Mild, dull
June 17, 2024
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
This is a very simple blend of mild tobaccos. The leaf is not in a plug despite being described as such, but the long cuts are presented nicely. Burns poorly, no flavour and minimal nicotine. The aftertaste is inoffensive and the brief lingering arom... Read More
Good stuff, doesn’t keep
October 05, 2022
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
Like others have stated, I had mold issues. Popped open the tin (6 months old) and put the square in a mason jar with a 62% boveda bag. After about 2 months (opening a handful of times to smoke) bam…mold spot. I rolled the dice and cut off that part,... Read More
A fine offering
October 30, 2017
Product: G. L. Pease Temple Bar 2oz
This plug comes moist for the Tin that I had. Blend showcases the orientals in a nice sour note spicy nose and mouth feeling and the red Virginia's come through in an ice bready taste not March for sweetness. I had good results when cutting the plug... Read More
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