Germain: Eighteen Twenty 50g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-030-0001

Named after the year in which Germain was founded, Eighteen Twenty is a mixture of top grade Cyprus Latakia Oriental and Flue cured tobacco. It's sure to provide plenty of interest for the experienced pipe smoker.
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4.25 out of 5 stars
March 08, 2019
Product: Germain Eighteen Twenty 50g
This is an excellent blend. Need to stock-up on this one.
February 24, 2018
Product: Germain Eighteen Twenty 50g
Hard to get, happy to get
April 06, 2022
Product: Germain Eighteen Twenty 50g
Where to start with this one...I do not care for it. The pouch aroma is reminiscent of Nitecap, but strangely mildewed. I compared notes with a fellow smoker and his findings were similar in the aroma department. I am a fan of latakia heavy blends bu... Read More
The new Flake version
April 27, 2021
Product: Germain Eighteen Twenty 50g
Wonderful stuff. I like many English blends and this is right up at the top. The flakes come smashed to pieces, but after a little drying time, you will be treated to a very pleasant smoke. Needed a few relights, but I highly recommend you try this s... Read More
One of the best Balkans around
November 13, 2020
Product: Germain Eighteen Twenty 50g
This is another Germain masterpiece. Oriental forward in tin note and taste. The tin note is spicybOriental and Latakia. With a Germain like sweetness that I have a hard time defining. Others have compared this to Skiff Mixture, and I agree but i wo... Read More
Fine Tobacco
November 05, 2019
Product: Germain Eighteen Twenty 50g
First Class Smoke, very hard to come by. So rare I've all but gave up on ever getting it again.