Samuel Gawith: Golden Glow 50g Pipe Tobacco

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Samuel Gawith was the son-in-law of Thomas Harrison, a snuff manufacturer who moved his trade and equipment to Kendal, Cumbria, England from Scotland in 1792. Gawith inherited this equipment from Harrison, and the company has been crafting premium tobacco since, with one of Samuel's two sons continuing the brand while the other joined with Henry Hoggarth to establish Gawith, Hoggarth & Co. Though offering separate blends, both brands remain forever linked and still share the same manufacturing facility in England's Lake District, utilizing processes and techniques that date to the brands' 1792 roots. In many of their mixtures, Samuel Gawith maintains the standards enforced by the United Kingdom's strict purity laws of the 19th and 20th centuries — such laws dictating how much and what type of flavorings could be added to pipe tobacco and ensuring that sub-quality leaf wasn't hidden under the veil of exorbitant toppings.

Golden Glow from Samuel Gawith is a straight Virginia mixture from the English blending house. It comprises flue-cured Golden Virginias that are pressed and, then, matured before being cut and tumbled into a broken flake marked by a medium body and slight, natural sweetness.

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  • Components: Virginia
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Broken Flake
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3.29 out of 5 stars
Slow and Easy🤚
June 06, 2021
Product: Samuel Gawith Golden Glow 50g
This has to be one of SG's most underrated tobaccos. You've got to take your time with this one and smoke it slow and easy in order to pick up on the nuanced flavors. Yummy!
A Very Bright Smoke
July 11, 2018
Product: Samuel Gawith Golden Glow 50g
Very bright and citrusy blend that requires few relights. It's even bright and cheerful to look at in the tin, like the infamous Golden Block. But this stuff burns so much better! And when paired with a cold pint of Belgian, I don't see how life can ... Read More
The best all day Virginia
September 21, 2016
Product: Samuel Gawith Golden Glow 50g
First off, yes this baccy is wet. Give it some dry time (and some age) and it's phenomenal. Tin note is like Welchs white grape juice when fresh. I aged it in a mason jar for a few months and the flavor and aroma grew more complex. It's like a fresh ... Read More
January 17, 2016
Product: Samuel Gawith Golden Glow 50g
It is unique, a little sweet and sour, a nice change up from the norm, if you like pure virginia give it a try.
Sweet, straight Virginia.
December 26, 2016
Product: Samuel Gawith Golden Glow 50g
Nose in tin is ample bread, yeast, sweetness and a hint of gingerbread. As always with Samuel Gawith, the tobacco in tin is soaking wet and needs a considerable drying time. The cut is a loose, fluffy Broken Flake, not necessary to rub out. GOLDEN GL... Read More
Cob it
January 13, 2014
Product: Samuel Gawith Golden Glow 50g
Short and to the point: This blend in a cob pipe on a hot summer's day is the best thing ever.
Not a fan
November 23, 2013
Product: Samuel Gawith Golden Glow 50g
I'm not a big fan of straight Virginia tobacco's. But if your just taking up pipe smoking, maybe this ones for you. For me, I received no enjoyment out of this Virginia, and it tasted sweet and a little sour. Instead of smoking it as is, I mix it wit... Read More