Wessex: Curly Block 275g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-068-0032

Select Virginias, Burley, and a pinch of Perique comprise this distinctive rope-cut pipe tobacco from Wessex — originally a Peter Heinrichs offering. The tobaccos are all pressed and fermented for six weeks before being cut into smaller sections and packaged, maintaining the rope cut to allow pipe smokers to cut their coins according to their preferences.

Note: While most packages of Wessex Curly Block come in one section of rope, some may vary in their presentation, having been cut by the manufacturer to ensure consistent quantities.

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4.17 out of 5 stars
February 23, 2022
Product: Wessex Curly Block 275g
November 18, 2022
Product: Wessex Curly Block 275g
March 12, 2022
Product: Wessex Curly Block 275g
This is some enigmatic weed. I swear I taste approcot from time to time,if sipped just right. Bought 8oz and having a hard time not smoking the last 4oz till it has 2 years age
Great Block
December 21, 2023
Product: Wessex Curly Block 275g
Cool idea and very good tobacco not in my top five but definitely worth having a few in the cellar if you can afford the ridiculous price tag
酸甜可口 麦香浓郁 柔和顺滑
December 13, 2023
Product: Wessex Curly Block 275g
酸甜可口 麦香四溢,口感柔和顺滑,香气很是高级。我心目中的VP第一,可惜不太好买,价格也涨了很多。
Hype For THIS?
December 01, 2023
Product: Wessex Curly Block 275g
I see this came and went... again. I miss the days when you strolled into your tobacconist and everything under the sun was readily available and in large quantities; Penzance was sold in bulk out of a jar, Solani was stacked deep on the shelves, McC... Read More