CAO: Moontrance 50g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-294-0010

In addition to their selection of world class "standard" cigars, CAO also produces some of the best-tasting premium-flavored cigarillos on the planet. This tinned blend is a duplicate of their best-selling Moontrance Cigarillos (only quite a bit easier to get into one's pipe than the latter). This blend begins with quality Virginia tobaccos that are infused with essences of exotic fruit, vanilla, and bourbon extracts and then hit with just a dash of Hawaiian honey.

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  • Components: Virginia, Black Cavendish
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (21 Total)
Overall Rating:
2.95 out of 5 stars
Cigar tobacco
October 22, 2014
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
Sometimes I wonder what other people are smoking when they write reviews, because my experience is often just completely different. It makes me suspect that manufacturers plant great reviews themselves just to sell more product. This Moontrance is a ... Read More
By the light of the Moontrance, all will be revealed?
June 16, 2018
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
I feel obliged to tell you that I've only ever had one tin of Moontrance, so keep that in mind. It was touted by many reviews and blogs making it seem like a favorite of the CAO pipe tobaccos. I had already tried Eileen's Dream and Moontrance seemed ... Read More
Virginia & Cavendish
January 07, 2022
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
I have no idea why someone said this was a cigar leaf blend. It is most certainly not. It’s a moist Virginia and Cavendish aromatic pipe tobacco. It’s rather ok. There’s an alcohol, fruit, and vanilla topping that is very apparent. Would recommend dr... Read More
December 02, 2019
By: QL
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
Quality aromatic
November 08, 2018
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
The tobacco is light and smooth, and the flavor is nice. The vanilla is more prominent, but the bourbon sneaks in some time. The fruitiness is vague, it kind of blends with the tobacco.
As a cigar smoker
October 25, 2021
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
As a cigar smoker trying pipes for the first time, this brand helped me out as a familiar name in cigars. Moontrance is a great cigar, but doesn't really translate too well over to pipes. CAO Eileens Dream however was the opposite, I love it as a pip... Read More
Makes more sense as a cigar
February 17, 2021
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
I thought the bourbon vanilla fruit combo would be interesting. I was right, but in the wrong way. The notes off the tobacco were current, blackberry esque that had a sharp note at the end like bourbon does as a drink. The taste was more cigar ish... Read More
Aro. Just good..
September 27, 2020
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
I' had this jarred away just over 2 appreciate the flavors in this CAO like others,it must be slow cadenced..just above going out,..the blend also has a real tobacco umph...the flavor I get is bright fruit,vanilla...and does have that sli... Read More
Not great
September 21, 2020
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
I'm not sure what the exotic fruit is supposed to be, but it smells a bit like off-brand cough syrup. At least that doesn't come through in the tastes, but not much else does either. It tastes like a cheap bitter cigar. I guess I'd smoke it if the... Read More
September 02, 2020
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
Highly disappointing pipe tobacco. A lot like my disappointment with CAO’s Eileen’s Dream, this tobacco has a very synthetic smell upon cracking the tin. This aromatic also has minimal flavor and the tobacco is very bland and does not seem to be of h... Read More
Let it age!!
May 13, 2020
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
The first tin tobacco I ever bought! I’ve since developed a deeep love for English blends, and heavy Latakia stuff.. But this is a SUPER nice aromatic, that’s responsible for locking me into this amazingly enjoyable hobby.
June 25, 2019
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
I ordered this tobacco after I had smoked a tin of the cigarillos of the same flavor. Then, I smoked a tin of Eileen's Dream. I was eager to try the Moontrance pipe tobacco expecting the same amazing taste experience. However, I was disappointed that... Read More
Very pleasant
January 18, 2019
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
It's one of my favorites. A nice blend.
September 24, 2018
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
Tin aroma is vanilla and bourbon with some fruity essence and hints of coconut. The flavor profile is mainly vanilla with some hints of fruit and coconut. The flavors are light and last for about 3/4 of the bowl. This is a decent blend. But once agai... Read More
1-Q Gone Wrong
June 25, 2017
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
After smoking some of the world's best pipe tobacco blends in the months since trying this, I came back to this and couldn't open the tin without being put-off by the smell. To echo my title, it smells and tastes like a bad batch of Lane 1-Q. If you ... Read More
Aromatic tobacco from heaven
April 30, 2016
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
One of the best aromatic tobaccos I have tried. Tastes yummy,room note is lovely and not strong. And it's kind of a milder tobacco,which I prefer. CAO is first class,all the way.
Nice Aromatic
March 26, 2015
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
This one reminds me a lot of Peterson's Connoisseur's Choice. It's a quality Virginia leaf that lends a bit of flavor to it. The Black Cavendish is nice and sweet. The top dressing comes through at the right pace. It's not overly moist and burns nice... Read More
February 21, 2015
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
I've bought the cigar version of this and liked it, but thought I would try the pipe version since I am primarily a pipe smoker. I liked it better in this format. The flavor was more focused with hints of vanilla, good vanilla, and a suttle sweetness... Read More
November 24, 2014
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
This tobacco was a fun one to try as I smoke a pipe regularly but will occasionally smoke a cigar as well. Being as I have had these in cigar form and enjoyed them very much I was eager to try this in my pipe. The tin note is amazing, and smells id... Read More
Moontrance, 50g tin
June 29, 2013
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
Moontrance, 50g tin Star Rating = 4.75 Rating Scores - 10 is the Best and 0 is the Worst Pouch Note = 9 Room Note = 9 Flavor = 9 Bite = 9 Burn = 9 After Taste = 9 Raw Score = 54 Rated Percentage = 90% Comment = Very Smooth, Very Mild, Mell... Read More
May 08, 2013
Product: CAO Moontrance 50g
Well if you expect an elite, enlightened and elaborate essay...escape now. As with any tinned tobacco just opening it is a pipe smoker's delight. Semi-threaded lid removed revealing a carefully accordioned iris over a thin piece of pristine white c... Read More
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