Dan Tobacco: Buddies 100g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-293-0034

Manufactured in a century-old brick building in picturesque Lauenburg, Germany, Dan pipe tobacco has gained quite a worldwide reputation among smokers, with a wide variety of blends and cuts on offer. Andreas Mund became the successor in charge of production when master blender Jürgen Westphal retired, and is assisted by Heiko Behrens as well as Michael Apitz of Dan Pipe.

Blended by Michael Apitz, Buddies was original named BiBo, a shortening of "Biker and Bolzer." Renamed "Buddies," the Aromatic mixture referenced Apitz and a close friend, and as a pipe tobacco it comprises Black Cavendish and Virginias with delicious flavors of orange and vanilla for an enticing aroma and flavor profile.

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  • Components: Virginia, Black Cavendish
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
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3.23 out of 5 stars
Maybe, Maybe Not!
December 24, 2017
Product: Dan Tobacco Buddies 100g
This is not for everyone who digs an aromatic. Me, I love it! You want flavour that somewhat stands out in front of the tobacco then this is for you. Get used to the full on citrus, and I don't mean lemon, flavour and it is a pleasure to smoke. Don... Read More
You better like orange
May 10, 2021
Product: Dan Tobacco Buddies 100g
This tobacco was overwhelmingly fake, chemically orange. Once you light it and smoke a little, that chemical orange smell kinda goes away. I smoked at least 8 bowls before I just could not stand it any longer. I truly reminded me of the powdered dri... Read More
March 22, 2020
Product: Dan Tobacco Buddies 100g
Good orange flavors and aromas. Smooth no bite. Burns well. Only negative is price but Goes well cut/mixed with cheaper vanilla flavored tobaccos like Eileen's dream.
My Favorite Aromatic
October 12, 2019
Product: Dan Tobacco Buddies 100g
This my favorite aromatic because unlike most aromatics this tobacco tastes exexactlycatly how it smells. If you do not like orange flavorings in Tang, Sunkist soda, or chewable Vitamin C tablets, do not buy this tobacco. I like all of those, so fo... Read More
To Each Their Own
September 03, 2019
Product: Dan Tobacco Buddies 100g
Frankly if I'm going to smoke with "buddies" I would not break out this stuff. It smells fine when smoked, but from the tin it kind of pierces the olfactories with a chemical orange punch. I personally do not like it very much but it's pala... Read More
If you like tang...
January 03, 2018
Product: Dan Tobacco Buddies 100g
This is super orange/citrus flavored. Bit a little bit too. I wish it was a smaller tin, as I didnt care for it and felt bad about chucking it.
AVOID this one!!
April 26, 2017
Product: Dan Tobacco Buddies 100g
Except for Dan's " Devil's Holiday" this is another fruit-loops kind of mistake. ...hard to find redeeming quality.
Not good at all....
December 14, 2013
Product: Dan Tobacco Buddies 100g
This is definitely my least favorite tobacco i have ever smoked. Buddies tobacco has an overwhelming flavor of out of date Tang. The fake orange flavor is not for me. Perhaps i got a bad batch.... i don't know, but what i got was not good at all.
Don't Tell Anyone
November 21, 2013
Product: Dan Tobacco Buddies 100g
This is the absolute best there is. Once you try it, you will know what I mean. It smells and tastes just like mandarin oranges. No bite, just great taste.
Strong citrus aromatic
December 22, 2012
Product: Dan Tobacco Buddies 100g
This blend you can smell almost through the tin a heavy citrus taste and aroma. Quite enjoyable as a "dessert" smoke.Pleasant and something I have never experienced before.
My new weekend blend...
September 13, 2012
Product: Dan Tobacco Buddies 100g
Just got this in here today in Afghanistan, and shared a bowl with a friend. I have found my new "weekend blend". Out of the tin, it has a strong but pleasant citrus smell that settles down to a nice lingering flavor on the tongue... Hopef... Read More