Lane Limited: TK-6 Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 005-006-0007

A primarily black Cavendish blend enhanced with Burleys, TK-6 is a Lane aromatic with a hint of cherry to add just the right amount of sweetness.
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  • Components: Burley, Black Cavendish
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (21 Total)
Overall Rating:
3.76 out of 5 stars
Okay by itself.....let age a bit longer
March 30, 2016
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
OR...Even better if you make your own mix....TK-6 50%, BCA 25% and LL-7 25%. Age together for a minimum of 30 days mixed well together. A great tasting smooth smoke!!!! Give it a try. I'm in my 47th year smoking a pipe. I've come up with a number of ... Read More
Good stuff
July 30, 2013
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
I've been looking for a good cherry tobacco. This fits the bill. Good taste of cherry. Goes well with a can of cherry cola. Burns to a fine ash. Doesn't get too hot and little to no bite.
Good Cherry Blend
August 14, 2020
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
I've tried other tinned cherry well as bulk..and now TK 6 will be a favored bulk..the flavor is good through the bowl,not overpowering,but a good,light,low nic,slow smoking blend I'll keep in rotation for when I want a change of pace from... Read More
Lane Limited - TK-6 Match
October 06, 2013
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
Lane Limited - TK-6 Match; Star Rating = 4.50; Rating Scores - 10 is the Best and 0 is the Worst; Pouch Note = 9; Room Note = 9; Flavor = 9; Bite = 9; Burn = 9; After Taste = 9; Raw Score = 54; Rated Percentage = 90%; Comment = Smooth, Mil... Read More
Save your money
March 17, 2017
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
Cherry taste,but turned into black pepper and spice. If you want quality tobacco call the Boswell s in Chambersburg pa
a miss
March 21, 2024
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
i always enjoy L.L.blends. Have for a long time. BUT this one is not to my liking. Bitter...or sour...and harsh. Might be great, but just not for me :( An update.....I've grown to enjoy this. It's really pretty good. Must have been a bad day when ... Read More
September 30, 2022
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
比1Q 要稍微变化多一些, 樱桃味道不错, 抽的时候其实和烟草本身的味道是融合的很好的. 香甜可口,顺滑种带有一丢丢的个性
A Great Sleeper Blend from Lane
May 11, 2022
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
I always keep some I'm a jar by the door. For a quick pipe full while walking my English Bulldog Watson. This is more of a Cherry Vanilla or Cherry Coke as for the aroma. But it is a Good Black Cavendish along with a portion of Burley which gives th... Read More
Weird ....
October 24, 2021
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
I really didn't really care for this at first. More like a super sweet vanilla than a cherry and gave it half a star. But I found that it's really good to use as part of a mixture / blend and I liked it quite a bit.
Mild Cherry Blend
March 15, 2021
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
TK-6 is a mild well-behaved cherry blend. It lights easily, stays lit, and doesn't bite. First 1/3 bowl has a mild cherry flavor, the rest of the bowl is a smooth burly flavor. Recommended
Best Cherry Blend
March 28, 2020
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
The balance of the black cavendish and burley subtly topped with cherry is absolutely amazing. It ships at perfect moisture and ready to smoke. The room note is spectacular and the taste stays robust and lightly sweet all the way down to ash.
Cherry overload
September 25, 2017
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
Too much cherry for me. Its on the shelf.
A good all around blend
January 10, 2017
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
My Best go-to Blend, also my first time for tobacco so I have a soft spot for it. Even with my opinion a little one sided, even my friends like this blend and the non-pipe smokers in the group like the smell as it is none offencive and dare I say con... Read More
Still on Quest
October 14, 2015
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
Better than many, but still not there for my taste buds. Doesn't bite, but the Cherry note is shrill. Not to the point of harshness, but something's missing.
Nice aromatic.
September 13, 2015
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
Smooth. Cherry, but not *too* cherry. The burleys do their job here and keep it balanced. The wife approves of the aroma. I'd recommend giving this a shot.
Great Aromatic
May 11, 2015
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
I Usualy stick to English blends but when I'm in the mood for an aromatic I reach for the TK-6! Sweet, full and smells amazing. Burns quite nicely, and will stay lit. Sweet cavendish with underlying cherry flavor, but blended with burleys so it's not... Read More
Cherries in a bag
April 29, 2015
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
Cherry. Not very cherry, but cherry. Though it is bitey if packed too tightly, drawn impolitely or smoked without drying. Not berry, but cherry and in no way overbaring. Yes, I like this stuff. I personally like to mix my cherry tobaccos with Ampho... Read More
not for me
March 20, 2015
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
“Although i do enjoy the sweeter flavors that pipe tobbaco offers i personaly found this to be way to sweet for me........the other thing was a very bad sweet after taste but worse than that a very heavy cherry smell remained in the bowl and affected... Read More
March 03, 2015
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
Nice cherry flavour, not overdone and yet still well balanced with tobacco taste.
Great room note
November 24, 2014
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
Burns great. Decent taste if smoked very slow. Wife loves the smell.
A fine, mild aromatic
September 15, 2014
Product: Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk
This a nice mild tobacco with an almost nonexistent bite. The slight cherry flavor makes retro-haling quite enjoyable.
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