McConnell: Pure Latakia 50g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-042-0007

As its name suggests, McConnell's Pure Latakia entirely comprises Latakia pipe tobacco. It's intended as a blending component to enhance established English mixtures or create personal blends at home and utilizes the finest, ribbon-cut Cypriot Latakia for a distinctly smoky flavor profile.

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Follow up to my follow up
January 19, 2017
Product: McConnell Pure Latakia 50g
I just wanted to share this with other Smoking Pipe customers. I received an email Keith at customer service. He read my comments on this blend and made the gracious offer to take back my tins of this blend for a full refund since it has changed from... Read More
Pure Latakia Joy, Just smoke it straight
January 26, 2016
Product: McConnell Pure Latakia 50g
This is the pure joy for Latakia lover. Packaging says it is a quality Syrian Latakia for blending purposes and can be enjoyed straight if desired. Well I must say it should be smoked straight! It is not that kind of heavy, and even much more lighter... Read More
This is delicious
April 26, 2020
Product: McConnell Pure Latakia 50g
But in the right setting, like New England autumn and winter, this is a most agreeable blend. It does not demand much attention, is not very strong, but is a fine accompaniment for contemplation on crisp, grey days alongside a cup of coffee. It provi... Read More
Follow up not Syrian
January 17, 2017
Product: McConnell Pure Latakia 50g
Looked on the back of my tins. This is Cyprus Latakia NOT Syrian. I guess Smoking Pipes is being straight forward telling you up front. The sticker is on the back and small saying pure Cypress Latakia. I guess Germany has run out of Syrian Latakia. T... Read More
Misleading someone is wrong
January 17, 2017
Product: McConnell Pure Latakia 50g
Everything I have researched about this blend is that it is Syrian Latakia NOT Cypress Latakia. I am unsure why smoking pipes is saying it is Latakia from Cypress. Even McConnell says it's Syrian Latakia. My nose tells me it sure smells like Syprian ... Read More
Great Flavor
March 16, 2023
Product: McConnell Pure Latakia 50g
Great flavor and body. I am a new smoker using a pipe and this is a great product. Has a very pleasant smokey and nutty, taste on the tongue that is not bitter at all.
good to go.
November 19, 2022
Product: McConnell Pure Latakia 50g
Tin note of campfire, earth and a tart wine background note. The soft and dry ribbon cut is dark brown and black and needs no prep. Burns slow with a normal amount of relights. The strength is medium at most and nic is mild. No flavoring detected. Ta... Read More
This is good, quality stuff
April 26, 2020
Product: McConnell Pure Latakia 50g
Upon opening, the fresh earthy Latakia scent off the tin hit my nostrils, but surprisingly it was sweet and did not kick in to my brain! It was just amazing to fill a noseful of smelling while enjoying the aromas. It burns amazingly cool, knowing tha... Read More