Wessex: Brown Virginia Flake 50g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-068-0009

Brown Virginia Flake from Wessex is a century-old recipe for natural flake with true tobacco taste. Navy Cut.
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June 03, 2014
Product: Wessex Brown Virginia Flake 50g
Good day, Jerry Germany! I am glad that you enjoyed BVF as much as I had.. it really is a special tobacco! This is a bittersweet moment for me because although I feel it is a flake that deserves more credit, I didn't have the foresight to plan for a ... Read More
10 Years LaTER
April 15, 2019
Product: Wessex Brown Virginia Flake 50g
Well, Shane and Jerry Wax lyrical as you will. I have tried this for the first time today. One of the best flakes I have encountered in the 20 years of pipes I have under the belt. Quite honestly one of the best example of good earth Virginias I ... Read More
Shane Ireland! I'm Calling You Out!
June 03, 2014
Product: Wessex Brown Virginia Flake 50g
Shane Ireland, this is Jerry Germany commanding you, well ok, asking nicely, to post your "Tobacco Dreams" essay of a couple day's newsletters ago about Wessex BVF HERE!! BECAUSE IT'S YOUR FAULT! I may be almost 60 but I'm too young and i... Read More
Really Not Bad, But Not Forever
March 15, 2016
Product: Wessex Brown Virginia Flake 50g
You get tired of this. It's a little sharp, a little citric, and ages okay. Very distinctive taste, though, and obviously very high quality tobacco. A Virginia lover should try this, especially if you're into MacBaren's Modern Virginia, but want some... Read More
Wonderful Wessex
August 21, 2020
Product: Wessex Brown Virginia Flake 50g
Sour, bread like note straight from tin. After drying time it smokes wonderfully. Really easy to love and smoke. No tongue bite. Exceptional quality.
August 16, 2020
Product: Wessex Brown Virginia Flake 50g
Smoking a 5 year old tin that my local shop had on the wall (sorry SP, I buy 90% of my tobacco from you guys, but still shop local every once in awhile because I don't want those guys to disappear!). Absolutely tastes like bread, and I mean that as a... Read More
May 19, 2020
Product: Wessex Brown Virginia Flake 50g
After a few summers in the cellar this is one I'm really enjoying. The peaks and hollows have melded and the malts have presented well. I reckon the quality will surprise most. A great smooth, robust smoke with a subtleness of flavour that will su... Read More
Unique taste
December 25, 2015
Product: Wessex Brown Virginia Flake 50g
This is a good alternative to F & T Special Brown Flake , both made by K & K . Very good use of a matured Virginia , this is real tasty . Good for the evening after a big meal . One of the stronger folded flakes but very well done.
Very Nice!
June 30, 2014
Product: Wessex Brown Virginia Flake 50g
Tin note of a fine plum wine; lights easily and burns slowly to a fine ash; smooth and sweet but not cloying; no bite; a delicate fruity taste unusual in a Virginia flake; no after taste; smokes best in a group 1 or group 2 sized bowl; definitely a ... Read More
Poor, Just poor
June 09, 2014
Product: Wessex Brown Virginia Flake 50g
I read Shane's dream article and immediately got on the waiting list for more to come in. It arrived and I crumbled some up and stuffed a seasoned Nording. Ugh. It started with a taste like wood and immediately got too hot. I soldiered on and had ... Read More