Wessex: Burley Slice 50g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-068-0024

Burley Slice by Wessex is the return of original Richmond recipe, full flavored and nutty.
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4.30 out of 5 stars
A Complex Smoke
April 03, 2016
Product: Wessex Burley Slice 50g
With the introduction of more, and higher quality Burley dominant tobaccos, Wessex is at the top of my list. This tobacco doesn't get talked about much, and I haven't seen any reviews, dedicated to this slice, and that is a shame. Beginning with the ... Read More
April 23, 2021
Product: Wessex Burley Slice 50g
Hands down the best burley flake available. It’s clearly high quality. Think of this as a more refined ABF. It’s not as sweet/sour as ABF. It’s more malty and molassesy. It’s not insanely complex, but it does keep you interested. Burns slow and cool.... Read More
April 28, 2021
Product: Wessex Burley Slice 50g
ABF meets BF#3. A rewarding medium/full bodied Burley blend. Consistent with prominent toasty notes of malt and coffee. Earthy nutty, walnut and cashew. Cocoa and carib. Wispy notes of cigar along with a fair amount of vitamin N.
July 30, 2022
Product: Wessex Burley Slice 50g
For you guys that have been around a while ... the closest thing to Edgeworth Slices on the market , imho
Excellent smoke
June 07, 2022
Product: Wessex Burley Slice 50g
Flavor finally came out when I packed a half pipe full. Beautiful smoke, great burley taste with a good nicotine kick. Leaves a nice aftertaste, buying again.
Malty Dessert
February 23, 2021
Product: Wessex Burley Slice 50g
Molasses, Malt, Milk chocolate, Cashew butter, Chocolate covered nuts, Brown sugar, Sweet bread.
Paul Bunyons Ox
October 26, 2023
Product: Wessex Burley Slice 50g
Trying a 9 year old vacuum sealed version of this. Yes, be jealous because it's delicious. It's bolder than some burleys I've had and fun bodied. It's grassy and earthy. No tongue bite here and smooth.
February 18, 2023
Product: Wessex Burley Slice 50g
Tin note of molasses, fermented vegetation and spices. Tobacco is a flake of a marbled dark brown and brown with tan stem spots. Moisture content is great, rubs out with a little effort. Burns slow with a few relights. The strength is medium and nic ... Read More
Wessex Burley Slice
October 21, 2021
Product: Wessex Burley Slice 50g
Nice smoke
A Fantastic Burley
July 15, 2020
Product: Wessex Burley Slice 50g
I'm going to be one of those few people who prefer this over Solani ABF, but I do prefer it. Opening the tin, you see a couple sets of dark brown strips that smell of burley and sweetness. I think that it is the molasses/treacle that has won me over ... Read More
March 15, 2018
Product: Wessex Burley Slice 50g
Way to much humicant, the flakes are literally glued together and you end up with a massive amount of "goop" at the bottom of the bowl like you would expect with a heavily cased aero. The tobacco it's self is good burley blend. Maybe I got... Read More
Nice Burley.
February 26, 2018
Product: Wessex Burley Slice 50g
This is hands down my favorite Burley flake and it's a just notch above Aged Burley Flake in my opinion. I don't smoke many straight Burley blends but when I do this is the one I always choose. It's sweet and rich with plenty of depth. I get molasses... Read More
Not My Cup Of Tea
January 30, 2018
Product: Wessex Burley Slice 50g
I saw this had some high ratings so I bought a couple of tins. Dried a couple of flakes out to the point it would break if bent in half, but just barely. Packed nicely, lit rather easily. Immediate hit with whatever casing is on it and the flavor di... Read More
Pretty good, but...
January 09, 2015
Product: Wessex Burley Slice 50g
This is a pretty good Burley flake, but Solani Aged Burley Flake is better!
Great Quality but a little hot
April 29, 2013
Product: Wessex Burley Slice 50g
You have to be careful how fast you smoke this one. It's given a sting in 4 different pipes I've tried. But a patient smoke yeilds a marvelous burley experience. High quality leap in a nice bright flake. A great room note which manages to avoid the c... Read More