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Originally a glazier by trade, Henri Sørensen lives in the small town of Rørup on the Danish island Fyn and has always appreciated old-school craftsmanship. Like many pipe makers, Henri started his pipe-making journey as a pipe smoker, a hobby shared with his brother. The two dove headfirst into the world of pipes and wanted to try their hands at making their own. Coincidentally, their employer was the son of artisan pipe maker Jens "Tao" Nielsen, and under Tao's tutelage, Henri began crafting his own handmade pipes, gaining further experience mentoring under pipe maker Erik Nielsen and receiving guidance from Tom Eltang and Lasse Skovgaard.

Stylistically, Sørensen's pipes are informed by Denmark's rich pipe-making history and the signature aesthetics of master carvers who came before him. He's especially inspired by the expert line work of Poul Ilsted, the elegant minimalism of Eltang, and the fluid gesture of Skovgaard, but Henri's work is clearly his own, coalescing design aspects championed by others and his own personal creativity into a singular, distinctive aesthetic.

Henri Sørensen pipes are entirely hand-crafted by Henri himself, utilizing high-grade briar and hand-cut stems of either German ebonite or cultured amber — a high-quality, amber-toned acrylic. Still an avid pipe smoker, Henri enjoys Virginia-based tobacco blends and the occasional strong English mixture, and when not carving pipes, he enjoys spending time with his family, investing in other woodworking projects, tinkering with old machinery, and soaking up the outdoors.