Peterson: Early Morning Pipe 50g

Product Number: 003-050-0069

When Dunhill announced it would no longer be producing tobacco, pipesmokers rued the loss of some of their favorite mixtures. Thanks to Peterson, however, those beloved blends are still available. They're the same recipes and feature the same tin art as Dunhill's, just re-branded for Peterson.

Early Morning Pipe presents an English blend of earthy Orientals, a bit of Latakia, and sweet Bright and Red Virginia tobaccos, lightly stoved for a well-balanced mixture that's ideal as a day's first smoke, preparing the palate for later ones.

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Welcome Back!
November 04, 2019
Product: Peterson Early Morning Pipe 50g
I don't write reviews often, but this one seemed to be a given. As is my usual practice, I opened a tin of Peterson EMP, the day after I got it, and the day before I smoked it. The introduction of air to a vacuum sealed tin always tends to excite t... Read More
A fine morning smoke
November 25, 2019
Product: Peterson Early Morning Pipe 50g
Sweet virginias, mildly spicy orientals and a kiss of smoky latakia make this a good wake up tobacco. This isn't my absolute favorite blend of all time, but it's one that I smoke nearly every day. It's invigorating and satisfying, like eggs, bacon, t... Read More
Perfect way to start the day!
November 15, 2019
Product: Peterson Early Morning Pipe 50g
The English have a way of smoking their tobacco through the day. Part of that ritual involves little to no latakia in the first pipe of the day. The Dunhill version of this seemed to have almost no latakia, which is strange because the recipe peterso... Read More
Mostly still the same
December 23, 2019
Product: Peterson Early Morning Pipe 50g
Pretty much the same thing as Dunhill's "version" but lacking a little of Dunhill's depth of flavor, ONLY because the Peterson tins are lacking age. With some age (a few months or more), Peterson EMP will taste exactly like Dunhill EMP. As ... Read More
I Like it
November 29, 2019
Product: Peterson Early Morning Pipe 50g
Balanced, light and enjoyable.
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