Captain Earle's: Mystic Blend 2oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-463-0002

Captain James Earle first took to sea at age 12, embarking on a life-long passion that saw him ascend to the rank of Master of the Charles W. Morgan, the last of the wooden whaling ships, currently docked in Mystic, Connecticut. Manufactured by Cornell & Diehl, Captain Earle's pipe tobaccos pay tribute to his legacy, each blend in the series alluding to an important time in his life.

Named in honor of Mystic, Connecticut, whose seaport houses Captain Earle's famous ship, Mystic Blend is a complex English mixture, comprising nine varietals of Latakia, Virginias, Perique, Orientals, and Black Cavendish. They're all pressed in a crumble cake — perfect for fans of robust English blends.

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Captain Earle's: Mystic Blend 8oz Mystic Blend 8oz
  • Components: Virginia, Latakia, Perique, Orientals, Black Cavendish
  • Family: English
  • Cut: Broken Flake
Customer Reviews (23 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.57 out of 5 stars
Can't nail this one down
May 29, 2018
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 2oz
One of the draws to pipe smoking for me is the variety. When I saw the reviews for Mystic Blend, two things caught my attention. 1) it is never the same smoke twice. 2) it is great every time. So far, I can agree with those. Granted, I have not fin... Read More
April 11, 2018
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 2oz
This is a fun blend. Not only do you get the joy of working with the crumble cake, but the tobaccos are very intriguing. Each time I smoke it, I get a slightly different experience. It's always rich and flavorful, but different flavors seem to come t... Read More
Mystical Experience
July 24, 2014
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 2oz
So I always try and order something I've never tried before and this was one of those tins. The room note on this is very nice, and it smokes incredibly cool. I'm surprised by how the flavor of this changes from pipe to pipe. Sometimes the Latakia is... Read More
A Trip to the Seaport
August 31, 2020
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 2oz
When I was young and lived in Connecticut my family visited Mystic Seaport in Mystic CT on the Mystic River frequently. We even had a family membership and I attended some of the summer programs. It’s hard to describe if you haven’t been there but th... Read More
Fascinatingly Complex and Smooth
October 22, 2019
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 2oz
This is the finest English I’ve ever smoked. It’s not a Lat bomb, for which I’m most grateful. It comes presented in a plug, but is easily broken apart by hand. It requires very little dry time once rubbed out to your desired consistency. I’d say 15-... Read More
Nailed it!
June 14, 2023
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 2oz
What an amazing blend. A nice English style as a crumble cake (mislabled on the sight as broken flake) is truly delicious. Flavorful and pleasant. A good afternoon and evening smoke.
June 09, 2023
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 2oz
This has become one of the few new tobaccos I am keeping in my rotation. Great relaxing smoke and very reminiscent of the good ole times in the past. Brings back very pleasant memories.
June 05, 2023
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 2oz
按道理我不会买它,它的盒子不是很讨喜,不过它确实非常美味。冷闻酸涩刺激,它很复杂,不过抽上去完全不一样。它强度偏低,气味是那种任何时候都不厌烦的。点燃的第一口淡淡的烤荔枝的味道,有荔枝果核的苦味。烟熏是不突兀的,最近好像抽的都是这种。烟气比较细腻很干净,为一个味道都能比较容易的剥析出来;荔枝 松木 爆米花 一点点 胡椒和啤酒花的苦。 我是对于这个斗草有些超预期的。我喝了点水,把斗温降下来,再抽到的强度高了一点点,有一点点咖啡和折耳根。这味道我觉得很奇怪,我是能不压草就不压的。刚刚烟斗离开嘴的瞬... Read More
February 10, 2023
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 8oz
Tin note of sweet fruit and smoky. Tobacco is a marbled black and dark brown Krumble Kake. Moisture content is great. breaking off and rubbing out takes a little effort. Burns slow with a few relights. The strength is medium and nic is mild. No flavo... Read More
Great Blend Top 5
October 22, 2022
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 2oz
This blend continues to impress after maybe 10oz this blend never gets old continuously changing slightly throughout the bowl. A very complex blend I have found to work very well in a large diameter pipe. Mostly a Balkan guy this is in my permanent r... Read More
October 15, 2022
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 2oz
Wow, just wow! I’d set sail any day with the Captain! Aye, this be me second blend from Captain Earle’s and I am hooked, just like me missin hand, haharrr! A truly delicious and complex English blend! The tin note is so smoky and yummy, definitely th... Read More
delicious english blend
April 03, 2022
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 2oz
Another solid english from my fav Capt'n. the crumble cake is nice and thick, perfect moisture content, and breaks apart wonderfully. Its smoky, tangy, spicy.... its like tobacco-beef jerky heaven. I have every captain Earle blend as of now, excep... Read More
January 31, 2022
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 2oz
The aroma in the tin is scrumptious! The flavor of the smoke rich, deep, and totally satisfying! Try it.
Another Great Blend
October 16, 2021
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 2oz
This is truly a great blend. In reading the reviews of this blend I was a little hesitate to buy into that it doesn't smoke the same way twice but after trying it myself I totally agree. It's a surprise in every bowl. Nightwatch is still my #1 Captai... Read More
Practically Perfect in every Possible Way
November 03, 2020
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 2oz
In all sincerity, if you are looking for a straightforward mellow English Blend that you can smoke all day long, this is it. The tin note reflects a bygone era true to its namesake. I bought this blend because I use to live on the Mystic River starin... Read More
What is this voodoo magic?
September 22, 2020
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 2oz
Where to start? This is a very intriguing smoke to say the least. It's different every time I light up a bowl. This is voodoo magic that Captain Earle brought back from somewhere during his travels. As the description states this has been touched by ... Read More
Nice Blend
September 17, 2018
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 2oz
I really enjoy this blend. I think I like a the Nightwatch blend a bit more, but Mystic is a nice smooth smoke. My first bowl right off the cake gave me a bit of a bite but not too bad. All other subsequent smokes I've let it dry out a bit before pac... Read More
Interesting journey shared.
July 22, 2018
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 2oz
Full disclosure: I've only sampled this one and it was an interesting journey shared by a close friend. This marked my first time with this blend and Captain Earle tobaccos in general. Hoping the rest are just as good, I will be trying more Captain E... Read More
May 06, 2024
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 8oz
This is nearly indistinguishable from "Reflections", to which I gave the same review. I found this balanced, smooth, and well-behaved as far as burning goes. But I'd say the flavor is a bit TOO balanced - it's so very even that nothing stands out. It... Read More
Asian Sea Surprize
March 02, 2024
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 2oz
I just purchased this wonderful blend. Upon opening up the tin, my nose was hit by a whiff of the sea. Along with exotic citrus and earthy undertones. It has a spice to it I can't nail down, but its smooth and raspy at the same time. Each bowl has a ... Read More
Highly recommended
February 04, 2024
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 2oz
Deep and rich Latakia combined with sweet Red Virginia that is readily tasted. I get a more than medium amount of nicotine, and the room-note's only pleasant to tolerable.
October 31, 2023
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 8oz
Taste fun blend and more flavor . I will buy 8oz for sure
Into the mystic
December 08, 2018
Product: Captain Earle's Mystic Blend 8oz
Such a great blend. Good stuff!
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