G. L. Pease: Fillmore 8oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-029-0051

Here G. L. Pease produces thick-slices of broken flake in the Scottish tradition. Ripe Red Virginia tobaccos are combined with a generous measure of fine Louisiana Perique, and then pressed to marry the components and deepen the flavors. The cakes are sliced and gently broken before tinning. Fillmore presents an elegant sweetness and delightful piquancy, enhanced by a creamy richness that develops throughout the bowl. Sit back and enjoy a lovely, leisurely smoke!
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G. L. Pease: Fillmore 2oz Fillmore 2oz
  • Components: Perique, Virginia
  • Cut: Broken Flake
  • Family: Virginia
Customer Reviews (33 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.17 out of 5 stars
February 23, 2018
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
This stuff is magical. I’m convinced Mr. Pease is a wizard.
Great Scottish Style VaPer
July 27, 2017
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
This is one of my favorite VaPers. It has a wonderful bold Virginia flavor with a good amount of spice from the perique. I am not good at describing the notes and flavors I find in tobacco, but it's mildly sweet, rounded and had that perique zing. Aw... Read More
Buyer beware: Somebody put latakia in this
July 26, 2019
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
So apparently "Scottish Tradition" translates to the Haggis of the pipe tobacco world. Im incredibly irratated that latakia is not listed as a blend component. This is a Virginia/Latakia blend with perique. This is not a vaper with a "... Read More
June 22, 2018
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
What a good VaPer! The VA and Perique are well balanced so that neither dominates the flavor and, while there's a good amount Perique in the blend, it's not overwhelming but is a solid presence. Sipping helps keep it smooth, too.
Va/Per with peppery Perique.
December 26, 2016
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
Neatly arranged broken flakes that look like little sticks (or thick toothpicks). Perfect moisture. I do not rub it out, I directly stuff these flake sticks into the pipe for best results. Excellent smoking conditions. Pleasurable slow and cool burni... Read More
New standard
September 19, 2017
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
This will probably always be in my rotation - particularly in Fall. A spicier VaPer, but balanced well and just seems to taste better & better the older it gets
July 04, 2017
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
A great all day smoke. Very pleasant tin note. Hints of vanilla, almost a pie dough type of aftertaste. This is going to be my new all day every day smoke.
stunning va/per
May 20, 2015
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
smooth, so smooth, order a larger tin
Outstanding Va/per
December 07, 2020
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
In my top 5. Beautiful smoke. Not too sweet but just right. Buying again
Nice VaPer
May 26, 2019
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
Despite its wonderful flavor, recently I decided Escudo was out of my rotation. Its good tobacco for sure, but I prefer the freshness of the leaf used in blends like G.L.P. or C&D tobacco. What precipitate this event was the fact that the Perique had... Read More
Tasty and refined
May 19, 2018
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
First sniff of newly opened tin you get the expected red VA and perique notes but I detect a hint of Latakia smokiness which isn’t mentioned as being in it. Doesn’t really matter but does round out the flavor and isn’t really noticed when smoking. Ov... Read More
Outstanding VaPer
March 04, 2013
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
Only Escudo ranks higher for me among VaPers. I plan to put some away for a few years, betting that with age it will be even better.
A good smoke.
April 01, 2022
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
Yes, this was a really good smoke. I was very happy the first time I popped the lid and that delicious VaPer aroma hit me. It's one of those moments where you know it's going to smoke nice. I am not a HUGE fan of broken flake, but it's fine. I would ... Read More
One of the Best VaPers
December 11, 2021
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
I love VaPers and, for me, this is one of the best and one of my favourites.
Absolutely Delightful
December 08, 2021
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
This tobacco was offered to me by a member of my pipe club. It was an absolute joy to smoke this wonderfully balanced and smooth VaPer. A must try blend. Definitely recommended.
Latakia hides in this.
July 27, 2021
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 8oz
It's not that I don't like this tobacco, I don't like latakia. This tobacco checked all the boxes for something I would realy like, and I do like it... but I'd like it more if they would admit that it has latakia in it. You can totaly taste it. It's ... Read More
Full flavored VaPer but with a smoothness and nice savor.
April 01, 2021
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
Another winner from Pease! This is a full-bore VaPer, strong on the perique, but still smooth, multifaceted, and smokable at any time of day. I'm torn between this and Telegraph Hill, which is not a flake and not quite as strong, but this is a terrif... Read More
Fillmore, More Than Just A Mediocre President
March 14, 2021
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
Millard Fillmore, last of the Whig Party Commanders in Chief, is not a US President that has enjoyed fame or much credit in American history. But the pipe tobacco blend sharing his surname sure as hell is no middling blend. I consider this a solid V... Read More
Good, but not for me
February 21, 2021
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
I’m one of the relatively few smokers who just doesn’t get the GL Pease hype. I’ve tried several of his blends and, while they’re all perfectly fine, none knocked my socks off. Such is the case with Fillmore. I sampled a tin of this in January, ear... Read More
This didn't work for me
February 02, 2021
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
It's better than C&D Red Carpet, but not by much.
Extremely Well Done Blend
September 21, 2020
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
An extremely well done balanced blend. The slight incense from the tiniest hint of latakia in this blend really does something great for the flavor profile. The Virginias and Perique are deep and flavorful. Packs well and burns cool. It has a nic... Read More
Most Balanced Va/Per I've Tried
April 07, 2020
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 8oz
Many Va/Pers have dark fruit notes as the main note with slight bread notes. I find this one balanced between the two. There is less darker notes from the red Virginas than expected, so I assume the brighter leaves are higher in quantity than the red... Read More
January 23, 2020
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
Presentation: A flake that is well broken up, but still offers some larger pieces to be separated even further. Similar in form to Union Square. Rich dark brown and red tobacco layered with the oily and dark perique. As far as I know, this blend only... Read More
Smooth Stuff!
August 02, 2019
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
Wonderful Virginia/Perique Blend... Probably my Favorite of the G.L Pease Va/per Blends with telegraph Hill coming in right behind this one. I only give Fillmore such a High rating because every time I have had a bowl I think to myself that was Damn ... Read More
My Go to VaPer
July 13, 2019
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
I smoke this more than anything else. Best VaPer ever with the possible exception of Escudo.
Another Pease Knockout
February 06, 2019
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
Sweet, musty almost slightly sour tin note when can is first opened. Dried for 30 minutes as the broken flakes came packed with a fair amount of moisture. The wonderful play of Virginia’s and Perique create a luxurious smoke that’s simply wonderful. ... Read More
December 05, 2018
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
I tried this blend for the first time desperately searching for a good all-day VaPer. The tin note, in my opinion, smells like bread..not a bakery, but plain sliced bread. There are hints of fruit of somesort, but mainly grassy bread. It has a stout ... Read More
Fillmore and More in your Pipe
November 22, 2018
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
Very good VaPer from Mr. Pease. Love the broken flake style
Fillmore = Perfection!
September 24, 2018
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
This is an excellent blend and I love it. It smokes cool, dry, and doesn't bite. Tin aroma is sweet and very tangy with hints of plums and richness. Flavor profile is sweet and spicy. I think I'll go smoke some now.
Mild and Balanced
June 26, 2018
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
Moist, medium broken flake. Mild tin note - a bit more hay than fruit. Very smooth and well-balanced smoke with modest perique. Very nice.
Rather Mediocre
December 26, 2017
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
I found this to be a rather bland VaPer. It wasn't a bad smoke and smoked easily. Just not as much flavor as I'd prefer. There are a number of better choices out there.
April 10, 2017
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
A great all day smoke, perfect for lunting, sipping, or puffing steady, just don't over do it, like any other it will bite! So smooth!
June 02, 2012
Product: G. L. Pease Fillmore 2oz
Now this is my absolute favorite Va-per!The tin note is out of this world. I actually have to fight myself to not "eat" it. And believe me , I have chewed on it a few times. The tin note is that good .The smoke is that good too. Again, My f... Read More
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