Rattray's: Highland Targe 100g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-055-0012

The outstanding feature of Rattray's Highland Targe is the pronounced flavor of robust Latakia. This tobacco has earned proper recognition by those smokers who have a particular liking for this type of leaf.
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4.71 out of 5 stars
Excellent English
April 25, 2023
Product: Rattray's Highland Targe 100g
If you love English blends. You can't really get more top notch than Highland Targe and few others from Rattray's.
Quintessential Scottish Blend
March 12, 2023
Product: Rattray's Highland Targe 100g
The flavors I pick up are cavendish, Latakia, and Virginia in that order. I’d compare to sensation this blend evokes to a toasty Krispy Kreme donut, without the cloying sweetness. Overall a very palatable introduction to Scottish blends, as distinct... Read More
Rattrays; Highland Targe
May 06, 2022
Product: Rattray's Highland Targe 100g
This mixture is one of my all time favorites,, very well balanced. It,s so good i could almost sprinkle some on my oatmeal.
Nice Intro to Rattray
September 10, 2021
Product: Rattray's Highland Targe 100g
Made with quality leaf for a mild all day smoke.
One of my oldest fav's
July 26, 2018
Product: Rattray's Highland Targe 100g
I agree with both previous reviews. This is good in the beginning, but about half way through kicks into amazing! I also can't believe the lack of reviews!
Rattray's Never suprises me
September 01, 2015
Product: Rattray's Highland Targe 100g
Just got this blend in the mail and it is going to be added to my next reorder for sure. Its a nice all day smoke with a little nicotine kick towards the end. I will be adding this to my rotation
February 03, 2014
Product: Rattray's Highland Targe 100g
I can't believe this has no reviews yet. I first got this near the Royal Academy of Music in London. The guy at the shop told me this was a great blend to smoke and I didn't really believe him until I smoked it! This tobacco is GRAND. I love it. I fi... Read More