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Flávia Rodrigues began pipe making as an experiment, motivated by a need to create, a love for nature, and the support of her partner, Gustavo Cunha of Martelo pipes. Gustavo provided instruction, taught Flávia how to use all the tools of pipe making and demonstrated how to improve her technique and engage her creativity in briar. Influenced as well by such carvers as Tom Eltang, Hans "Former" Nielsen, Becker, and Chris Asteriou, whose exploration of form and proportion continue to inspire her, Flávia currently gravitates more often to traditional shapes with Danish pipe-making cues, incorporating native accent materials such as horn, Brazilian jabuticaba, and precious metals. She has been experimenting with Freehands, as she believes her own culture may be better reflected in forms free of traditional structure, and we may be seeing more new and fascinating shapes emerging from Brazil.