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An artisan pipe maker from Liuzhou, China, Yang Kun was born in 1983 and started making pipes in 2012 after enjoying a long career as a makeup artist for Chinese television and film. That prior experience instilled in him a deep appreciation for aesthetics and refined beautify — elements that he now prioritizes in his pipe making. Early in his career, Kun honed his skills under the guidance of fellow Chinese carver Hongjian Qiu, learning the craft's fundamentals and the engineering qualities that define and elevate a handmade pipe.

Kun's personal shaping style first and foremost seeks to maximize each briar block's individual grain, and he also cites the Ivarssons, Jess Chonowitsch, Kent Rasmussen, and Jørn Micke as early influences — after all, it was a Sixten Ivarsson pipe that first sparked his interest in pipe making. Later on in his career, Kun was more exposed to other pipe makers in Asia, including John He, Sam Cui, and Ping Zhan, and has since drawn inspiration from their work as well. Above all, Kun appreciates playing with naturalistic forms, striking color palettes, and evocative finishes, crafting premium pipes whose internal engineering matches their external beauty. His logo stamp is recognized by a footprint in honor of his son, and his best work is distinguished by his Signature grade.