Captain Black: Grape 1.5oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-537-0015

For something different, here's Captain Black Grape. Black Cavendish, Burley, and Bright Virginia have been blended with the flavoring of sweet grapes to make for a unique offering from the well-loved line.

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  • Components: Virginia, Burley, Black Cavendish
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
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2.91 out of 5 stars
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June 27, 2018
Product: Captain Black Grape 1.5oz
It is grape flavored. Purists won't like it, but if you like aros and have an open mind and palate, you might just like I did.
Good Golly Grape Ghost Galore
May 31, 2018
Product: Captain Black Grape 1.5oz
My buddy and I meet up regularly on Saturday. He, my son, and I smoke tobacco and converse. We often purchase new tobaccos to try. We had heard about CB Grape, so he purchased it. He said he had left it in his truck at work and it overpowered his v... Read More
March 04, 2019
Product: Captain Black Grape 1.5oz
This has the potential to ghost everything around it. The grape smell was so strong that I had to double bag it. When I smelled the tobacco directly, you get a face full of grape and chemicals. I used a cob for this one because I knew it would ghost ... Read More
Like smoking a pack of Big League Chew
May 18, 2018
Product: Captain Black Grape 1.5oz
I'll preface this by saying I'm not an aromatic lover. there are a couple of tried and true aros in my collection, such as Lane 1-Q and BCA, and McClelland's Vanilla Black Cavendish, but I generally prefer a non-aromatic tobacco when I don't have to ... Read More
The New Penzance!
April 28, 2018
Product: Captain Black Grape 1.5oz
Or so a buddy on a forum jokingly called it. I gave the blend 4 Stars because even though I'm not someone who wants a Grape Bubblicious flavoured pipe tobacco, there are surely some who do.
That's f*****g GRAPE APE!
April 01, 2018
Product: Captain Black Grape 1.5oz
This smoke has got to be the grapiest grape I ever f*****g graped!! I mean smoked, but you get the picture? Holy s**t this stuff is grape!! It does taste and smell exactly like the famed Grape BLC. Wow! That's what I'm talking about here! This stuff... Read More
Pipe Crime
June 14, 2017
Product: Captain Black Grape 1.5oz
Horrid! I'm a regular Lane smoker, but couldn't manage a 2nd bowl. Don't like the kiddie tie in with the naming of this atrocity either. What a Colossal Mistake (on Lane's part & mine.
April 29, 2020
Product: Captain Black Grape 1.5oz
Very artificial, low quality tobacco. As if Captain Black could get any more ridiculous.
Favorite Captain Black
March 10, 2020
Product: Captain Black Grape 1.5oz
I Smoke a wide variety of brands price and flavors. I've tried many in the captain black family and the grape is by far the best. I smoke it out of an unfiltered corn cob. Great flavor but it does turn bitter by the end of the bowl. Sometimes very ... Read More
Strong and too flavory
February 06, 2020
Product: Captain Black Grape 1.5oz
It is strong. And a bit over-flavoured, to my taste. Perhaps it will do better which mixed with light non-flavoured.
The Grape Gatsby
May 06, 2019
Product: Captain Black Grape 1.5oz
Wow! This was a very interesting experience. The aroma of grape was intense before lighting, very reminiscent of grape-flavored candy, gum, or pop. The taste was much less bold after lighting. I didn’t enjoy the film that coated the inside of my mout... Read More
Captain Black Grape: The Smell of Disappointment
March 16, 2019
Product: Captain Black Grape 1.5oz
The smell of this tobacco in the packaging is outstanding. Smoking it, however, presents an empty, flat cavendish flavor with a barely perceptible hint of grape. Smell in package: 20/10, Taste/Smell when smoking: 1/10. Extremely disappointing given h... Read More
Ahhh, Captain Black "Purple". Who knew?
June 08, 2018
Product: Captain Black Grape 1.5oz
I don't recall ever sitting down for a smoke and thinking “I wish they had a grape flavored tobacco”. The idea alone sounds so wrong...or like a fake non-tobacco they'd sell kids at the ballpark like candy cigarettes. Even among aromatic fans, it's g... Read More
The Wife Loves the aroma
March 09, 2018
Product: Captain Black Grape 1.5oz
Not quite perfection, but in the aroma department it is.It is sweet, grapey and is only a little tangy. Many sweet and fruity tobaccos have a sharp tongue bite, this grape is pretty mild . I smoke it as a change of pace tobacco.. It adds variety to m... Read More
Not too bad
November 24, 2017
Product: Captain Black Grape 1.5oz
This is one of those tobaccos that I reach for when I can't decide what I'm in the mood for. Pouch note reminds me a lot of grape Big League Chew gum. I haven't noticed any bite, and the pouch I got wasn't goopy, it could be smoked right out of the b... Read More
Not bad
September 12, 2017
Product: Captain Black Grape 1.5oz
It's not as bad as a previous commenter mentioned. It does have a powerful fruity bite initially, then becomes more a mellow flavor with a hint of grape after puffing on it a while. The tobacco quality is good as with other Captain Black blends. Try ... Read More