CAO: Cherrybomb 50g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-294-0008

This blockbuster of aromatic flavors is inspired by CAO's wildly popular Cherrybomb flavored cigarillos. As the name might imply, cherry is the dominant taste and room note, but a supporting cast of vanilla and rich Black Cavendish add a fine nuance and layering to the blend.

Room Note:

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  • Components: Virginia, Black Cavendish
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (18 Total)
Overall Rating:
2.44 out of 5 stars
Not much Cherry...
May 13, 2020
Product: CAO Cherrybomb 50g
If you want more cherry than this, just grab you a pouch of Middletons. The CAO brand is hit or miss, but if you want a great one by them, go check out Eileen’s Dream!
Tastes like perfume
February 03, 2017
Product: CAO Cherrybomb 50g
I've tried the CAO Cherry Bomb cigars and I'll preface this by saying that while I like cherries, I hate fake cherry flavoring. This came in a CAO set with 3 other flavors and I knew this would be my least favorite before even cracking open the tin,... Read More
July 05, 2014
Product: CAO Cherrybomb 50g
Cherrybomb is a very light aromatic it dose smell like cherrys but should have not been called cherrybomb do to its not over whelming and is very boring the Admiral Cavendish cherry is way better of a aromatic if anyone is looking for a cherry tob... Read More
April 24, 2023
Product: CAO Cherrybomb 50g
Cigar Smoker
October 25, 2021
Product: CAO Cherrybomb 50g
As a cigar smoker I enjoyed this, but many pipe smokers don't. I think is better & smoother than Capt Black Cherry, but not as rich as Cult Blood Red Moon. It's similar but on not quite on par with C&D Cherry.
Aro for Non-Aro Smokers
July 06, 2021
Product: CAO Cherrybomb 50g
I think the majority of the reviewers here were expecting Cult Blood Red moon or perhaps Virginia Gold Cherry. Not here. This is more like straight black toasted cavendish with just a pinch of cherry and vanilla bread aftertaste. Personally I think i... Read More
Definitely a Bomb
April 15, 2020
Product: CAO Cherrybomb 50g
This may be the worst tobacco on the planet. I’m not sure that I can say anything positive about it. I would give it a zero, but it won’t let me.
Artificially flavored steam
December 30, 2019
Product: CAO Cherrybomb 50g
No real tobacco flavor. Nor really even smoke flavor. Really not a cherry flavor per se either. Just an overly sweet hot chemical tart steam. I should have expected as much. I really just bought this on a whim. I realized I had never tried a cherr... Read More
Very Bad
March 07, 2019
Product: CAO Cherrybomb 50g
The tin note smelled like hair spray and when I smoked a bowl it had very little flavor.
Aging needed
November 21, 2018
Product: CAO Cherrybomb 50g
Not bad out of the tin wasn't impressed but put in a mason jar and let it age some and it greatly improved
I like aromatics but not this one!
April 05, 2018
Product: CAO Cherrybomb 50g
Smells a bit of fake cherry and vanilla out of the tin, but when lit, it tasted like plain tobacco. I could may be detect very faint cherry and vanilla mid bowl. It is a light tobacco and it burns quick to the end. Not one of my go to tobaccos and I... Read More
Sweet on the light
November 05, 2017
Product: CAO Cherrybomb 50g
I found this to be sweet on the light, but afterwards a bit harsh. I believe I will try drying it a bit, but not overly impressed with the first round.
good cherry
December 05, 2016
Product: CAO Cherrybomb 50g
At first I didn't like it I went trough 1 tin and opened another and lost interest. A month later I picked it up again and the difference after drying a month made me rethink this tobacco. I am not a fan of flavors I prefer flakes but I think I will ... Read More
2nd Amendment tops the bomb
August 24, 2015
Product: CAO Cherrybomb 50g
CAO Cherry bomb tinned and Gawith, Hoggarth & Co. Tinned Top Black Cherry mixed is delicious, that's my opinion and you know how they are?
Nice, but no bomb.
September 01, 2014
Product: CAO Cherrybomb 50g
I found the cherry vanilla was there in the tin note, but quite light on the taste. I wanted an in your face cherry, so I'll keep looking.
Cherrybomb, 50g tin
June 29, 2013
Product: CAO Cherrybomb 50g
Cherrybomb, 50g tin Star Rating = 4.25 Rating Scores - 10 is the Best and 0 is the Worst Pouch Note = 8 Room Note = 8 Flavor = 8 Bite = 8 Burn = 8 After Taste = 8 Raw Score = 48 Rated Percentage = 80% Comment = Smooth, Mild, big Cherry flavor but no ... Read More
December 29, 2012
Product: CAO Cherrybomb 50g
L got to tell you, this is one smooth tobacco blend. You can taste the flavor of cherry and enjoy the wonderful aroma it emits. Very enjoyable, very tasty.
Oh, my GOSH!
October 08, 2012
Product: CAO Cherrybomb 50g
Who bombed the cherry factory!? No, really, I opened the tin and was so overpowered by the sickeningly sweet smell of cherry, it made me ill. Fair warning, if you're going to put this in a pipe, make it one of your 'throw aways'. There's not telling... Read More
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