Fribourg & Treyer: Evans Blend 50g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-028-0005

Fribourg & Treyer was founded in 1720 with a pipe shop in the Haymarket area of London. The company catered to England's elite, including many royals through the centuries. Though Fribourg & Treyer closed in the 1980s, their legacy continues through a line of premium pipe tobacco, enthralling discerning pipe smokers worldwide.

Evans Blend from Fribourg & Treyer is a combination of Virginias and unsweetened Black Cavendish for a mellow flavor and hint of natural sweetness in a ribbon cut.

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May 28, 2024
Product: Fribourg & Treyer Evans Blend 50g
FT 埃文斯混合 生草:果香,再是糖浆和坚果混合型的香气。 点火后:青草、泥土、柑橘、少许坚果和谷物、果酱,尾端烟气会有些许混乱。 口腔里面能感受到:柑橘的酸甜、回甘、酸味较明显。 烟气方面:整体轻柔,风味表现中等,尾段烟气浓郁,会有些许的劲道。 总的来说,这款草风味持续时间不久,好的风味大体只占了半斗,随后香气就会慢慢的略显薄弱,一斗下来体验感不佳。
Okay as hell
October 23, 2023
Product: Fribourg & Treyer Evans Blend 50g
This is Vanners's less flavourful cousin.