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Emiliano pipes are handmade in Brazil by Emanuel de Queiroz Emiliano, merging his passions for pipe smoking and artistry. A pipe smoker for years since his time in seminary, Emiliano has long appreciated the inherent companionship between smoker and pipe and between fellow pipe smokers: A pipe is simultaneously a confidant during quiet, solitary reflections as well as the perfect catalyst for socializing with friends, encouraging quality conversation and intellectual discourse. His exposure to artisan pipes combined well with his life-long interest and experience in handmade crafts, naturally leading him to make his own pipes.

Through pipe smoking, he discovered the works of fellow Brazilians Gustavo Cunha of MarTelo pipes and Flávia Rodrigues. They inspired Emiliano to craft a pipe of his own, and he referenced YouTube videos and other online tutorials to learn the basic principles of pipe making. Though he lacked many of the requisite tools and materials, he fashioned his first pipe from Brazilian walnut and a block of resin using only a sander and a drill. From there, his career progressed immediately. After posting a picture of his first pipe, Emiliano received commissions for more pipes. Gradually, he invested in better equipment and established his own workshop in Curitiba after moving from his hometown, Fortaleza.

Developing a friendship with Brazilian pipe maker Luiz Lavos furthered Emiliano's skill as an artisan. Lavos helped increase his understanding of pipe design, finishing, and branding. Emiliano also traveled to Italy, visiting pipe makers Angelo Fassi at his workshop in Milan and Angelo del Prete of Il Cerchio pipes at his workshop in Pordenone. These experiences provided Emiliano with in-person tutelage, refining and expanding his already solid craftsmanship foundation.

Throughout his portfolio, Emiliano impresses with complex shaping supported by reliable engineering. He appreciates the challenge of complicated designs, from Calabashes and Blowfish to Ramses and other such Freehand shapes. These designs help him find his own individual style amid his renditions of classic shapes, while further improving his techniques and discovering other creative shaping pursuits. Forever a student of pipes, Emiliano often draws inspiration from Danish pipe design and regular follows the work of artisans such as Tom Eltang, Former, Chris Asteriou, and Wandi Riyadi. Every Emiliano pipe is handmade from Italian briar and fitted to hand-cut stems of vulcanite.

Outside of pipe making, Emiliano is an ardent lover of sports and enjoys playing soccer and basketball. He regularly smokes a pipe, and while he appreciates all types of tobacco, English blends remain his favorite, especially Ashton Artisan's Blend, Captain Earle's Ten Russians, G.L. Pease Gaslight, and Peterson 965 Mixture.