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Video: Brian's Pipe Primers, Video 1

This is the first in a series that Brian and I will be working on that covers pipe basics. In this video, Brian talks about his cleaning routine after each smoke. We'll have more coming, covering a range of basic pipe smoking topics, so check back often!

Oh, and while the product placement was entirely accidental (or, at least, Brian did that while I wasn't looking), you can find a Peterson ashtray, and Gloredo pipe cleaners in their respective homes. No one, including Brian, is quite sure where he got that tamper/tool, but you can find lots of tampers with picks here, and the cool older four-dot Sasieni is Brian's and he's not giving it up...

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    • Neil on February 5, 2015
    • Hi Brian -helpful video as I am new to the pipe. However, everclear or grain alchohol is apparently not available for sale in Massachusetts. Could you suggest another liquid for effective pipe cleaning. What about Isopropyl or rubbing alchohol. I don't want to poison or ruin my pipes, but cleaning them out after each bowl ful makes sense assuming several pipes are available to rotate. Thanks, Neil

    • Andrew W on February 9, 2015
    • Hi Neil, While grain alcohol or everclear is likely your best bet, you can use other spirits to clean your pipes. I would strongly avoid usuing Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol, though, as these can really give an unpleasant after taste to your smokes. The main reason for using everclear is its high alcohol content and lack of added flavoring, leaving behind little ghost or aftertaste once dry. That being said, in the past, when I couldn't find grain alcohol or everclear, I've used high-proof whiskey. It does leave a little whiskey taste in the pipe, but I find it rather pleasant, to be honest. So long story short, you can really use any alcohol (other than isopropyl or rubbing alcohol), but higher alcohol content and a minimum of added flavors is recommended. Hope that helps!

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