Peter Stokkebye: PS3 Cherry Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 005-005-0009

A loose and ready rubbed Cavendish blend consisting of quality mellow, flue-cured Virginia tobaccos with some smooth Burleys. Peter Stokkebye's Cherry has a superb European cherry flavor and aroma.
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  • Components: Virginia, Burley
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (12 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.08 out of 5 stars
A very nice, subtle cherry blend
December 26, 2018
Product: Peter Stokkebye PS3 Cherry Bulk
I have smoked Lane 1-Q and Iwan Ries’ 3 Star tobaccos for a few years because they help me remember my dad’s and grandfather’s pipes when I was was a boy. I thought that I would try a Danish cherry due to my heritage and I really have enjoyed my firs... Read More
A subtle scent and flavor...
February 28, 2018
Product: Peter Stokkebye PS3 Cherry Bulk
Consider trying this blend as a good sweetener to add to the mix, with just a little, or a lot. The cherry aroma and flavor are fine compliments for other blends that might burn a bit of sour in the bowl and aftertaste.
Great cherry tobacco
February 03, 2018
Product: Peter Stokkebye PS3 Cherry Bulk
Nice cherry blend. Doesn't have the synthetic over done flavor many cherry aromatics have. You get the cherry and a good tobacco flavor profile. This is my favorite cherry tobacco, and my wife like the room note.
Under the Radar
December 10, 2016
Product: Peter Stokkebye PS3 Cherry Bulk
Well done and balanced. It does not exhibit any echoes of that tiresome 'cough drop' cliche. Good burn rate and a decent mixer as well.
Nice Subtle Cherry
November 28, 2022
Product: Peter Stokkebye PS3 Cherry Bulk
I do enjoy Lane Very Cherry on occasion, but it can be too much for me. This one however has a nice subtle cherry that isn't overpowering. The tobacco is as usual for Peter Stokkebye, good quality. Smoke nice to the end of the bowl. I prefer Peaches ... Read More
Very nice cherry
July 14, 2022
Product: Peter Stokkebye PS3 Cherry Bulk
It has a more wild cherry flavor very more natural than most others. It's subtle but you taste it's there. Almost no bit but it's not too mellow, easy smoke, taste great and I will be getting more for my rotation.
A nice balanced cherry blend
January 28, 2022
Product: Peter Stokkebye PS3 Cherry Bulk
I agree with almost everyone who have reviewed this. It's mild and does not bite. Well balanced with the other tobacco blends.
Did George Washington cut down that tree??
April 18, 2021
Product: Peter Stokkebye PS3 Cherry Bulk
I cannot tell a lie, I smoked the cherry tree! This is a low key and sweet cherry blend. Great balance between the cherry and quality tobacco taste. This one is best smoked while crossing the Delaware on a dark foggy night :) Enjoy!
A spectacular piece of art
May 07, 2020
Product: Peter Stokkebye PS3 Cherry Bulk
I've loved Lane Very Cherry, but to me this has a deeper flavor. Lane is like cherry syrup on ice cream, PS3 Cherry is like dark cherry ice cream, subtle, smooth, slower burner, present with depth.
Very Good Cherry Blend
November 02, 2019
Product: Peter Stokkebye PS3 Cherry Bulk
Ever since McClelland closed its doors I have been looking for a good bulk replacement for Three Cherry. This blend is not too far off. The cherry flavor is not overpowering and the bite was very mild, I tend to smoke my pipes hotter than I should th... Read More
May 11, 2018
Product: Peter Stokkebye PS3 Cherry Bulk
Nice subtle Cherry aro without the preponderance of Cavendish. Burns fairly hot and quick, recommend a little dry time and a tighter pack.
Not too shabby for a cherry
April 06, 2018
Product: Peter Stokkebye PS3 Cherry Bulk
I'm not a cherry blend person, but this blend isn't too bad at all. It doesn't have a powerful cherry flavoring, which suits me well. My 2oz order came very fresh, and with a short dry out it smoked well after 2 lights. I would recommend trying this ... Read More
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