Two Friends: English Chocolate 8oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-067-0014

Two Friends' English Chocolate is a luxurious blend of the finest Red and Bright Virginias and Turkish Latakia, pressed to marry the flavors and tumbled into a broken flake for easy packing. Subtle notes of creamy cocoa balance this decadent smoke with a delightful aroma.

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Two Friends: English Chocolate 2oz English Chocolate 2oz
  • Components: Virginia, Latakia
  • Family: English Aromatic
  • Cut: Broken Flake
Customer Reviews (17 Total)
Overall Rating:
3.71 out of 5 stars
Great Concept
August 12, 2013
Product: Two Friends English Chocolate 2oz
Really terrific idea but the execution of it leaves something to be desired. IMHO the tobacco needs the Latakia dialed back and the chocolate flavor increased. The latakia overwhelms the very slight chocolate taste. This isn't bad tobacco, just no... Read More
Love this the right pipe.
February 24, 2019
Product: Two Friends English Chocolate 2oz
Just received my first tin of this and it already has six months on it. It's been on my radar for a long time ever since trying SG chocolate flake. I love the hint of cocoa and the bit of latakia along with the Virginia. I'm smoking my second bowl ... Read More
November 20, 2016
Product: Two Friends English Chocolate 2oz
Great blend of Va & Lat with a mild natural cavendish. True to C&D / GLPease form there is no synthetic sugar taste. Excellent balance and flavor. Just popped a tin from 2015. You couldn't ask for a better bowl on a cold November night! A... Read More
two friends plus me
April 04, 2024
Product: Two Friends English Chocolate 2oz
a very pleasant, light smoking blend. Just enough latakia for my taste. Terrific aroma. A little dry, but stays fresh in the bowl. A mild tongue bite, but probably my own fault for drawing too quickly. I'm going to order more today.
An all day smoke
December 10, 2022
Product: Two Friends English Chocolate 2oz
Burns clean, cool, oodry and slightly slow with a very consistent, mildly sweet and lightly savory flavor. The Virginias are smooth as silk, the Latakia becomes a true condiment, and the chocolate is very sweetly subtle. This is a great tasting smoke... Read More
A great blend
December 04, 2022
Product: Two Friends English Chocolate 2oz
This is a spectacular blend. It brings together almost all the flavors that the palate can capture in a single smoke. Incredible. I have been wanting to try it for a long time and I see that I was not wrong. I must have more of this.
Silky, sweet smoked cocoa
October 31, 2022
Product: Two Friends English Chocolate 2oz
Out of the gate, I need to clarify that I am not typically an aromatic enthusiast. However, aromatics have been coming up in my rotation lately, just to see what might suit my fancy when the sweet cravings, and crowd approval become more of import. ... Read More
English chocolate
September 03, 2022
Product: Two Friends English Chocolate 2oz
The chocolate aroma and taste comes through after the first light, as well as sweet hay taste from the Virginia. Later in the bowl a tangy, dark fruit note comes through, and the coco flavor is noticeable until the end. I had a hard time detecting th... Read More
Like a candy bar in my pipe!
September 22, 2020
Product: Two Friends English Chocolate 2oz
This blend's chocolate alright. It's like having an artisan style candy bar in my pipe. The Latakia works very well with the flavor and the Virginia just adds to the sweetness. Gawith Hoggarth & Co Bob's Chocolate Flake is always out of stock, so I t... Read More
Defective?? 나만 불량품 받은거?
December 07, 2019
Product: Two Friends English Chocolate 2oz
No aroma, no moisture, even though it's tin... And it is too much mild, no taste... just leaf. 딱 깠는데 향도 없고 수분은 무슨 빠싹 마른 낙엽이 있더군요. 냄새도 그 개 오래된 향연초 담배잎 냄새... 또 담배냄새도 안나고요. 원래 향연 태우면 계속 잔향남고 그래서 산책하면서 태우는데 얘는 걍 집앞에서 태워도 문제없을듯. 똥임 이거
ChocoLat Goodness
December 03, 2018
By: ST
Product: Two Friends English Chocolate 2oz
The Latakia is light and it has a natural chocolate ingredient that compliments the Lat smokiness without any component blasting you in the face. I love this crossover blend and I found myself craving it in the mornings with a big cup of coffee.
Absolutely delicious and mild!
October 06, 2015
Product: Two Friends English Chocolate 2oz
Delicious, mild, and worth purchasing more! It tastes like Bob's Chocolate flake but without the zing and floral taste of the Lakeland scents! Amazing tin and room note! Wonderful from start to finish, mild enough for seconds! Tonight, I'm tasting m... Read More
Mild Yet Tastey
August 23, 2015
Product: Two Friends English Chocolate 2oz
This has a milder flavour than my usual choices. I usually blend it 50/50 with Bobs Chocolate Flake and WOW what a great flavour!!!!
J. Gilbert
February 06, 2014
Product: Two Friends English Chocolate 2oz
I tried to enjoy this tobacco as the tin note was quite nice. I smoked two bowls, but could not get past the harshness. Not a smooth smoke and the taste/flavor was not what I expected. No for me.
Delicious chocolate Virginias
December 10, 2013
Product: Two Friends English Chocolate 8oz
I like this blend very much. To be honest, i can´t detect any latakia on this or is very faint to say the most. Just a great virginias masterly aromatized with a great and delicious touch of chocolate. Wife approved!!!. Highly recommended!
Very pleasant blend!!
November 01, 2013
Product: Two Friends English Chocolate 2oz
This English Chocolate makes honor to the name. Chocolate aromas are present as soon as you crack the tin, and then, during the whole smoke. Nevertheless, Latakia is playing a secondary role. Virginias are great, but IMHO, i miss a strong dose or Lat... Read More
June 02, 2012
Product: Two Friends English Chocolate 2oz
A surprisingly pleasant blend of chocolate and Latakia. Tastes like a good English with just a hint of coco. The chocolate is much more noticeable in the room note.
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